The War On Color

Are you down, depressed, stuck in a gray day or a rainy day week, or a month of blue-less skies and wish the sun would come out so you could catch up on your draining Vitamin D levels? Is your world filled with the drudgery of the mundane and the disappointment of your dreams crashing all around? Do you feel stuck and trapped inside “these four walls” and want to make a change?

O, here is a thought! Painting your room might freshen things up. Oh, here’s even a better thought, perk up your world by paint your walls penitentiary gray! You could personalize your color with matching “shade of gray” for moral support, meaningless abstract paintings and the addition of dead, colorless boring furniture to finish your decorative breakthrough statement and make your couch pillows pop!

What a perfect match gray would make to support your mood, if you want to enhance the numbed out, give up, joyless, hopeless way of life you have come to accept as normal. Penitentiary gray is only the beginning. There are so many other unseen possibilities lurking behind the gray walls of the dark rooms and pulled shades of your home like depression, low energy, dead food, lifestyle diseased, wasted lives and being glued to the couch until you become a tube zombie. (Not to mention, what an inviting environment it would make for those who are anticipating the arrival of “the Grays” or the return of E.T.)

What I find so disturbing about this subtle trend to strip color out of our lives is that the consequences of doing it have gone on unnoticed by all but a few. How is it that we are eagerly lining up to resist God at every turn, even in repainting our worlds to match the original condition of earth and think that it is good?

The Bible records the original color scheme with these words. “In the beginning, the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep…. Then God said,” Let there be light.” Gen. 1:2-3

Darkness, void, emptiness, without color, content or meaning were all reflected in the absence of light. The first thing God did was to banish the shadows and shades of gray. He struck down the darkness that entombed the earth by creating the light. Everything needs light to live, to heal and to stay well! Plants, people, time, seasons, everything!

God used light and color to empower the earth. In His creativity He colored the grasses green and the earth brown and harvest golden, and the sky blue and the sunsets pink and purple and red. The power in color is in its vibrations. Vibrations are measured in frequencies. Frequencies are measured in megahertz. Megahertz run our neurological impulses and our internal electrical systems which are basic to life and breathing, etc.

Okay, am I taking this too far? You be the judge.

So logically, without even considering that this might be a plot to undermine our mental and physical health, the fact is that we still need light and color just to live healthy, happy, contended lives.

The removal of color, or the replacement of color with a trend toward gray, may be a subtle plot, but like so many other things we do not want to know about or make a judgment on, we passively embrace it and walk on by.

The brightness of hope and warmth that come from the colors God has given us to correct our vibrations and sustain a healthy everyday life is of no advantage to the god of this world who would just as soon see us dead.

Oh, BTW, just one other little thing to consider. God is not going to be painting His Throne Room any time soon. Here is His color scheme, jasper (green) and sardius (bright red), emerald (more green) with a rainbow suspended around the throne. Rev. 4:3

No gray mortar or crumbly asphalt for the walls and streets of the Holy City either. The walls of His City are:

  • Jasper, dark opaque green
  • Sapphire, opaque blue
  • Chalcedony, emerald green
  • Emerald, shades of green
  • Sardonyx, White and red
  • Sardius, bright red
  • Chrysolite, topaz, bright yellow
  • Beryl, bluish green
  • Topaz, yellowish green
  • Chrysoprase, darker shades of the same color
  • Jacinth, sky blue
  • Amethyst, violet

The gates are of pearl and the streets of pure gold. Lots of greens, but no penitentiary gray on God’s color palette. Rev. 21:18- 21 Heaven is ablaze with color–full of life and joy.

And one more thing, God is not giving up the Rainbow either.

So if you want to “stop imagining”, paint it gray, and live outside the blessings of God’s recommendations for everything including color.


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