Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame – PART 2

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AQuick Overview Of The Story: Lucifer sees God’s ultimate affection has gone toward the last two of His creations, a man named Adam and a woman named Eve. He is jealous and green with envy, feeling only contempt for the clay masterpieces that play without a worry in the Garden of God. It seems God had given them everything and it surely was NOT fair! The Devil devises a plan to kidnap them from their pretty little play ground and make God PAY for His love for them in pain.


The Serpent, a.k.a., the Devil or Satan, in his coupe to take over of the Paradise of God tricked Adam and Eve into transgressing by eating the forbidden fruit. Quite unbeknown to them, as in their naivety they knew nothing of the meaning of evil or death, the diabolical plan was forged to enslave them and snatch the authority they had been by given to administrate the affairs of the Garden. In one fell swoop the Deceiver had stolen their innocence, their peace, their posterity and their property.


First the woman, then the man, afraid to loose the woman, fell for the lie, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” With a subtle twist of the words a seed of doubt was planted in the woman’s mind. “You will not surely die.” And yes, though they didn’t technically die physically immediately, as when the soul leaves the body, the light in their spirits were snuffed out. They had lost their way and their access to the Garden.


God was furious! Like a parent who comes home to discover the babysitter has just molested his children, God pronounced the curses. The effects of the separation were given. The Serpent’s head would be crushed by the heel of the woman’s Seed, and there would be enmity between the Seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, and the seed of the Serpent. The rest of the plan was relatively vague and without a completion date.


Only God and His Promise to rescue His children stood between the Devil and his goal to completely obliterate them.


The Lord God had declared that the “Seed of the woman” would crush the head of the Serpent. Driven by his own fear and desperation to prevail against the Head Crusher, Satan devised a plan to control the humans by projecting his own fear onto and into them along with their innocent and ill equipped children.


Usurping their authority and cashing in on their vulnerability, including their susceptibility to assume guilt, he began to use them as human shields to protect himself from the wrath of God and his own annihilation. He used all the Lord God had given them as the very brick and mortar to build an everlasting monument to himself in his relentless attempt to justify himself and establish his kingdom rule on earth.



The thief plundered the Garden and stripped it of its beauty. Satan took the spoils of his ill gotten gain including the earth, with all of its life forms and ecological systems and began to use them as his own. With these he formed a plan to hedge himself against the final Words of God’s judgment that he would cast into the Bottomless Pit.


The Devil does not want to die, or more terribly, ever have to admit he is wrong. Pride would rather perish forever, at the hand of its own rebellious doings then humble itself in repentance. The Enemy of God was determined to live forever on God’s earth, dwelling with his demons in a, “happily ever after,” demonically designed utopia.



His motives have been clear from the beginning. All the Devil has ever wanted was to be God. He wants worship and a kingdom. He wants to be the savior and a rewarder of those who seek him, though the favors he bestows are always administered in his best interests and could more rightly be considered bribery. He buys souls with things and casts them off with distain.


He has never lost sight of his goal nor has he ever moved away from his course for even a moment. He will never relent, or convert, nor can he. He has crossed the “Divine Line” of grace and reconciliation, and there is no turning back. All he can do now is serve as a suitable adversary to the One, True, Holy, Good and Living God, whom he will never love or acknowledge as God.


His has never veered from his desperate and insidious strategies to re-create the earth as a suitable habitation for himself, a place where he can “retire”, with or without the nice “extras” of human beings. In his malicious efforts to win, he has created great pain and chaos in the earth as a rebuke to God’s loving-kindness.


In order to secure and establish his own immortality apart from the divine judgments of God’s justice, the Devil has used both force and seduction, and brutality and bribery, though underneath it all contempt and lies remain the pillars of his kingdom. He has initiated his rule of pain and injustice to create chaos and distrust among the humans, thus separating them in their attempts to help each other and rest in the love of God.


Since the Fall, war has become the way of life in the world.


The love for God is not often found among the people and rarely taught to their children. The ways of God are considered strange. The story of His is sending His Son to rescue His children is regarded by most as just one “story” among many, with no “story” any better than any other.


To gain final victory the Evil One must purge and purify the earth of any remembrance of the Creator and His love for His children. What we see today is the Devil’s old “divide and conquer” strategy to set the humans up in opposition, not only to themselves within, but among themselves without, throughout the vast expanses of his jurisdiction. What he is proposing is human genocide, the purging of the earth of all its human content!


To do this he must remove everything that is human, those created beings made in the image of God who carry the DNA of God. To do this, he is attempting, a second time, to alter human DNA through science this time. By crossing kinds he hopes to generate a new, soulless, biological vessel, trans-human beings, chimeras, and strange, though convincingly human looking, “suitable habitations” and “fit extensions” in which his demons and evil spirits can dwell. ( See Tom Horn)


To do this he has had to enlist the help of both demons, (evil spirits), and disenchanted humans. As in the days of history past when human beings were butchering and incinerating other humans, all under the influence of the Evil One, he continues to persuade people to believe they were doing God a service, and it is a good thing to purge the earth of undesirables. They were fully committed. Their consciences were conveniently seared. They have been convinced that they would be part of the victor’s circle. The Devil lies. He shares his victory with no one, including those he has deceived into helping him reach his goal.



From our point of view, it has been a long drawn out process. God took six days to create the world. Satan has been working for six thousand years to destroy it. The good news is on the seventh day God rested. We are in the final moments for the completion of the Promise God made to us in the Garden. The head of the Serpent is to be crushed! The Good News of God’s grace has always been here. The kingdoms of this world are about to become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall rule forever and ever.




In the meantime, we have endured, and through God’s divine protection and assistance. He has brought us to victory. His promises are true. We are His. The ordeal is almost over and we can see the light in the window. We are almost home. We have been thrust into the midst of the war between God and Satan. Though many have considered the future of the human race, few understand the Devil’s end game in this spiritual battle, nor grasped the true magnitude of it.


We are the blood bought prize, delivered by God, from the grip of the terrible one. God is good. God is love. God has kept all of His promises to never leave us or forsake us, no matter how terrible it gets. Bless His holy name forever.


So, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and look up for our redemption draws near.

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