Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame – PART 1

Satan Dna1

Human DNA, the double helix, the sacred strands of life – God’s masterpiece, – that most intimate and brilliant arrangements of proteins and molecules that carry the secret codes of life and the signature of God, is fast becoming the site of one of the most insidious and deadly battles we, as human beings, have ever fought. The war for our humanness, as God declared and defined it, is under fire from both scientific and spiritual sectors.


Human beings, those who carry the original divine design of 23 pairs of chromosomes organized into shorter segments known as genes, have become a global science experiment. Each individual has their own personalized set of trillions of cells which carry the DNA code, including genes that control and switch on and off other genes to shape specific organs, and oversee protein production and body functioning, to create a unique human being, made in the image of God.



This incredible blueprint for the coding and continuance of our species is being not only targeted, but specifically and deliberately tampered with by the proponents of “self-deification” and “self directed evolution”, through genetic modification, adaptation and enhancement to attain immortality apart from God’s salvation.




Now if this seems like a lot to swallow, let us back up the movie and see how it has all got started. This long, drawn out battle known as history, (from our point of view), has been the story of God’s unchangeable and unbelievable love for us played out against a backdrop of the Devil’s incessant and insidious strategies to both involve and destroy mankind in his own desperate quest for eternal life.


The origin of this intense and industrious plot to annihilate us began, in, of all places, heaven! A mutiny against the Goodness of the Most High God Who insisted the Kingdom be built upon love and grace was contested by Heaven’s own worship leader, Lucifer. He saw it differently. He wanted control and strategized to take the kingdom away from the original Trinity Creators. He was determined to ascend to the throne of the Most High God. He would declare his independence and gain immortality without God.



 Ultimately, here was a battle with swords. Michael, the Arch Angel and Defender of the heavenly realm, rallied his troops and cast the Mutineers out of heaven. A third of the angels fell that day. Some of these Fallen Angels may have snatched a star as their new home. Lucifer had his eye on earth.




The Fallen Angels were also known as the Watchers. They may have originally been assigned guardianship of the earthlings, but from the moment of their rebellion they sought for a way to undo the relationship between the Father and His children. Revenge demanded they destroy the dignity of these “children” whose had been made in the image of the God they despised.


They devised a plan to crush His sons and daughters and make Him watch! They would destroy the power of love by corrupting the children into believing the Father’s love was conditional. They would convince the innocent they were unworthy of love. They persuaded them to believe they had come from monkeys. They pointed out all the bad things that the humans were doing and used it as evidence to convince them that they were depraved, and that they were never going to be good enough to receive pardon or the love from God.



The Watchers, would also have children of their own. At Mount Herman, the place of the covenant, two hundred of them agreed to take for themselves some of the more beautiful of the daughters of men for their wives. Both Moses and Enoch bear witness to the truth of this “incursion”.



They came in unto them and the women conceived. These offspring had mixed DNA. They were part human and part Fallen Angel. The results were the Nephilim, man eating, blood drinking giants who had no regard for the lives of the Humans or their children.


The earth was filled with violence. The world had turned into an epic horror movie. God was angry. In His move to protect His children from complete annihilation, He declared that the Nephilim would only live 500 years. Many of them ended up killing themselves. The Flood washed away the remnant with the corrupt DNA. Only Noah was left found righteous in his generations. He was the only one who carried the true strands of human DNA. With him, God started the human race again.



Eventually the Devils, and their new protégés, the demons, the wandering spirits that departed from the bodies of dying Nephilim, began rebuild their forces. They would corrupt and collaborate with the weakened humans to motivate them to join together with the Kingdom of Darkness in one final collective attempt to over throw God.



Since then, Satan has worked, night and day, to deceive the humans with lies and bind them in servitude to his sovereignty through confusion and false promises, all of which were tricks to get them to surrender their power to him to accomplish his agenda.


But, even as all the creation groaned and travailed under the oppression of the Wicked One, many denied it was even happening. Fantasies and escapes helped them look the other way as the Enemy, the hater of humans, worked tirelessly in the very midst of them. Their institutions and nations and governments and homes became infiltrated with death and wickedness. After a while, corruption and despair and injustice were simply accepted as a familiar way of life.



Satan’s two basic goals are to disenfranchise the children and over throw God. Through deception and discouragement, he weakened even the bravest among the humans. Through lies he worked to steal their lives and destroy their destinies and to use them in his own personal vendetta to disgrace God and justify himself.



11 thoughts on “Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame – PART 1

  1. Avatar Of Josie
    Josie says:

    Absolutely Great teaching and spiritual insight Thanks for this-been searching for this confirmation .
    They shall teach my people the difference between the holy and the common, and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean.

  2. Avatar Of Dean P Sacca
    Dean P Sacca says:

    My theory about this “vaccine” is that it’s the latest in Satan’s DNA incursions schemes.
    What are your thoughts ?

  3. Avatar Of Jeannie
    Jeannie says:

    Wow. Incredible. Although the Angel’s weren’t able to procreate, I believe this is absolutely true about the Devil wanting to compromise our human ness. Thank you for the insight.

  4. Avatar Of Scott
    Scott says:

    Awesome article! I too am a counselor. I am also an author, Bible teacher, and preacher. I ran across this awesome article while scanning the internet for some other insight. I have been teaching this for years and actually doing a study now! Thanks for your insight! Love it!!

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