Divine Justice

God, the Creator and Initiator of the Heavens and the Earth – the One True God is always true to Himself. He is always Holy and absolutely Good.  He is the source of love, truth and divine justice. He cannot be tempted with evil. He cannot be bribed to do evil or look away while the vile passions of the Enemy seek to destroy us.

He does not initiate evil. (Read the first 2 chapters of Job). It is not in His nature or intensions to deceive us or promote our being deceived. He is not double-minded or confused about His love for us or how to walk in His authority among us.

So how can this God of Mercy and Divine Justice, this all powerful and good God, permit or promote evil? How can He let injustice, hatred, bloodshed, violence, and the tidal wave of wickedness that spews from the mouth of the Liar be allowed to crush us and take advantage of us any longer? How can He permit Evil in its promotion of death and destruction, with its endless overflow of contempt for Him and His creation continue in the context of His divine power and His innate goodness? 

Love requires that we be given the freedom to choose not to love. Free will was established by God from the Beginning to insure that our response to His love and acceptance of His Salvation would not be forced or contrived. Every soul created since the foundation of the world has to be given the same chance to choose to accept or reject Him. The very creation itself bears witness to the “invisible attributes” of God attesting to His glory and giving equal opportunity to each of us to know the truth of His reality and His power. (Rom.1:20) 

God has already and without reservation “voted for us”. He wants us to live and know the depth of His love and goodness. His enemy, the Evil One, Lucifer, the Liar, is jealous and insecure. He has voted for our immediate removal and annihilation. The tie between good and evil is broken by our vote as determined by whose report we choose to believe. 

When we exercise our “free will” by choosing to believe and act upon the lie, God must give the Devil the right we have given him to rule over that which we have given him. He puts his demonic blessings or demonic judgments upon those who have yielded their power to him.

Depending on what best suits his plan for them, the Devil uses his demonic power to try and separate us from the love of God. He manipulates circumstances to get us either to believe we are being judged by God because He is mad at us or he gets us to believe we do not need God because we can take care of ourselves.

For God to be Just, He must also be completely just with the Devil. Divine Justice requires that God give the Devil that which he has legally, though not rightfully won, through us exercising our free will. That which the Devil has gained by going “to and fro” in the earth to deceive and turn the hearts of the created against the Creator is his to do with as he wishes!

If we have voted to believe the lie and side with Evil even though we have been deliberately deceived by the Liar, our agreement with him stands. Our agreement has given Satan the right to do what he desires to do with our life and circumstances – to steal, kill and destroy! Any offer he made to lift us to greatness and power was only temporary. Nonetheless, we are stuck in the contract we made with him unless we repent and return to God’s truth.

God’s Divine Justice requires that He permit us to make decisions either to trust Him or reject Him. He must allow the consequences and curses brought on by the Devil to play out.

God, in His complete administration of Justice, must allow the Devil to have those things he has gained through trading with us, the “deals” he has made with us in the buying and selling of our souls. If God would not “play fair” His Justice would be a sham. God is the one Who is really being tested. He refuses to manipulate the rules to determine a desired outcome or disregard the power He had given both us and the Devil to turn against Him. 

In the final Day of Judgment all the Devil’s lying and deliberate breaking of the rules against the Law of Love will be calculated into the final rendering of Divine Justice. The Devil will be disqualified. Those who chose to be like him and lie and steal and defraud their fellow human beings of love and the right to life will receive the same fate as their father, the Devil, the one they loved and followed and obeyed.

God will use the Devil’s own standard for judgment and justice, an “eye for an eye” to judge him as guilty! What he did so freely and with ruthless wicked intent will come back on him as God uses the “Golden Rule” to lock him up!

God is Love. He is Good. His goodness and His Love will prevail to bring the restoration of Divine Justice and truth. His Divine Justice caused Him to play by the rules. His opponent cheated and manipulated and broke every rule. Breaking the rules by using deception, fear, and coercion disqualify the Enemy from being the winner. Those who have chosen God’s way and trust Him to bring Divine Justice will have the victory no matter how many times the Devil tried to steal it. The one who breaks the rules has already lost. Those who follow God are more than conquerors!

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