Demonic Judgements

Many believers do not have the slightest idea of how the spiritual world is affecting their natural lives, health, and relationships. They also do not realize the great benefits of their new position in Christ as forgiven and free from the demonic judgements of the Enemy. (Romans 8:1-2)

Christ Jesus died for us. He paid for our sins. He is our righteousness. We are free to receive the Lord’s gifts of healing and salvation. We are forgiven. We have been released from the Devil’s demonic judgements he has been using to build his case against us and withhold God’s blessings from us. But as is everything with God, God votes for us, the Devil votes against us and we break the “tie” depending on whose report we believe. (Romans 4:16-22)

Many believers are still listening to the lies fear, guilt, regret, and condemnation tell them. They do not know they can “resist” the Enemy’s accusations against them. They do not resist the pressure of his lies. Instead, they believe the way things appear to be is the way things are. If it “looks like” God is mad at them, then He must be the one “punishing them.” 

They fall prey to the lies of the Accuser. They make a passive agreement with the Enemy’s judgements against them believing it is God who is punishing them for sinning, being bad and making a mistake. They never suspect it is the Devil who is setting the whole thing up to make God look bad and mad to get us to believe lies about God and our relationship with Him. 

Too many believers are still under the influence of a mixed gospel – grace mingled with law. This allows the spirit of religion to put his demonic judgements of condemnation on them for sinning. (God’s remedy for sin and disobedience is repentance and confession.) 

When we agree we are bad, or guilty or that we are the problem or deserve judgment, we are agreeing with the Enemy’s agenda. We enter into agreement with his accusations and the deceptions he used to get us to make those agreements. Our agreement with the spirit of “self-judgment” and “self-condemnation” permits him to put sickness, pain, and troubles upon us. 

The only solution is to go back to walking in the truth of the Gospel of Grace and Good News. Believing God is good all the time is a big part of healing and deliverance. God is for me. It is the Enemy who is trying to separate me from the love of God by making me feel like I am alone and God is mad at me. God is not the one making us sick or sifting us – we know that just as Jesus prayed for Peter when Satan wanted to sift him as wheat, Jesus has prayed for us. (Luke 22:31)

There is an information war going on for the truth and for our souls. The Enemy loves to use a mixture of confusion, half-truths, and bold-faced lies to conceal and tangle things up which causes us to end up losing the blessing or missing out on the truth. The Gospel of Grace is a gospel of hope and healing and deliverance. Embrace that Gospel.

Lord Jesus, we ask You to teach us to walk in the truth of Your Gospel and know the power of Your love for us. Help us to let go of the lies we have come to believe about You and receive the gifts of salvation, healing and forgiveness as Your sons and daughters. We know You are Good and Faithful to complete the work You have begun in us. Amen.

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