Well Done


I will not rehearse the stories of misery and gore that so many of us have become hardened to by watching too much of the 5 and 6 and 9 and 10 o’clock news; and the 7 – 8 o’clock prime-time filth, that now we can eat right through massacres and bombings and parents killing their children and children killing each other without getting the slightest indigestion or shedding the tiniest tear.


Our utter desensitization to the pain and bloodshed ought to be the most SHOCKING thing of all! Our hearts have become hardened. Our minds have chosen to ignore the critical needs all around us, as evidenced by our indifference to do anything about it. But before I blame you, I would invite you to blame me, because we, like many “called to the Kingdom for such a time as this”, have not provided you with the leadership and direction you have needed to get involved.


“Without a vision, the people perish”. How could anything be seen to be more true!! More than ever, we need to know and follow the strategy God is laying out before us. This strategy for human salvation and discipleship is not one of our own making. Therefore, we do not need to explain, or apologize for it. We do not need to convince or beg. We do not need to “sell” you on the idea. If it is of God, those of you who know God will recognize it as being from the Holy Spirit, and not just another good idea.


Our problem is that none of us seem to reverence or fear God enough to do what He commands, whether it is to feed on His Word or follow Him in our daily walk. The Good News is that this can change! This is great news. We can finish well and not be afraid to appear before God someday. We can look forward to “seeing Him face to face” and hear Him say, “well done, good and faithful servant”.

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