We Are In A Time Of War, Not Peace.


Because of the apostasy in the church, it is as hard to find the real Jesus in the church as it is finding real food in the grocery store. Many are disillusioned and wandering from teaching to teacher, trying to please a God they neither know nor like. Most have concluded that they will “do the best they can under the circumstances and take their chances”. What a freaky absurd approach to determining their eternal destiny and the daily care of their souls.


Some are talking about the annihilation of the earth while others are still touting belief in a return to the old American dream; the pursuit of (personal) happiness and success. Which will it be, survival or success?  And are either of these really what life is all about?


When was it ever true that you can have anything you want if you just work hard enough or believe in yourself, or want it bad enough? Does anybody out there notice how that is not what’s really happening? The “good old days” have gone by the boards, cast out along with honoring the One True God, morality and loving our country.


I would not look for any of it to return until we RETURN to The God of Heaven and Earth, and seek to do things according to His Word. To avoid unnecessary pain and useless arguments and get swallowed up in the daily talk-show babble, consider this; We are in a time of war, not peace. We are in a time of intense spiritual battle. This is not a time for retreat, but a time for resolve and personal sacrifice. This is a time to focus and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit as if our lives depended on it, because they do!!

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