War Within


One of the least painful and most effective ways of swallowing bitter medicine is to take it with a spoonful of sugar. Hiding a lie inside of the truth has always been one of the Enemy’s most effective and often used strategies for getting us to believe the lie.

Truth mixed with error, however, is still error. Believing that part of the truth is the whole truth presents itself as a serious problem in the detection and eradication of the error. Satan uses the truth to cover the lie to keep it from being discovered. The Devil, the father of lies, uses the truth not only to protect the lie, but to prevent further inquiry into the situation, doctrine, or teaching to keep the lie from being exposed as false.

Satan maintains that there are many ways to perceive and present the “truth.” He had no qualms using scripture on Jesus. He uses Bible verses and sacred Christian prayers on believers whenever it suits his purposes. He even uses the “Our Father” as part of his opening rituals in psychic healings. He goes into Bible schools and teaches theology in our seminarians.

He has recast the same truth hundreds of times to create hundreds of new “religious” sects and concepts, all for the intended purpose of deceiving the unsuspecting. Truth is served up to the hungry like a plate of scrambled eggs seasoned with arsenic. The eaters believe they are being served the truth, or at least a more authentic rendition of the truth than their predecessors or their competitors when, in fact, they have been intentionally fooled by the Evil One whom most of them do not even believe exists.


One of the newest old approaches the Enemy uses to destroy the indestructible truth is to make it a topic of discussion. Now truth can be personalized to mean whatever you want it to mean. Designer truth! It is negotiable. It is pragmatic. It is transcending, tolerant, reincarnating, and evolving. We no longer just “evolve” we have “emerged”, coming forth as man in charge of our own destinies and definitions!

Even the very “words” themselves have been ascribed new meanings in order to twist and deceive the casual listener. The concepts of strength and unity, for example, have fallen prey to the “word slayer”, who demonically redefines words to suit his hidden purposes by giving the word a different or esoteric meaning to its speaker but still be understood in conventional ways, by the hearer. This clever crossing of meanings has given the Devil the opportunity to increase his vocabulary so he can now use even the good and positive words to push hell’s schemes for confusion and division to greater depths of entrapment.

Using this strategy, for example, he can rally support for “unity”, by linking his goals for mass control to a call for love and tolerance, at the same time he can identify those who oppose him as “unprogressive”, “bigots” and “haters”. Using this clever strategy he has agitated and polarized large sections of the population re-defining those who resist his agenda as unloving and intolerant. They are added to the hit list as potential “terrorists”; with even the word “terrorist” being redefined to mean anyone who does not go along with the current world order’s agenda for peace by turning this terra firma completely over to Satan and his government.

His “word smithing” strategy is a “priceless” example of the cunning wiles he is famous for in holding the “whole world under his sway”. This misusing of words, often used by world leaders and their resident propaganda machines are used to intimidate and accuse those who see through the Liar’s “ruffian” schemes and bullying approach. This strategy is nothing new. The Enemy’s plot is to persuade the flocks of God to walk the paths of destruction to be exterminated at the cliffs of annihilation.

To win his war with God, the Enemy must get us to agree with and accept the lie as the truth and evil as good and desirable. The less resistance he has, the more quickly he will prevail against the God of Heaven and His sons and daughters. The war to destroy truth has been the strategy for every inquisition and religious extermination that this world has witnessed from the beginning of human history.

The power of words to bring death and life is as real as the Word of God says, (see Pro. 18:21). The list of words that have been slain, (redefined) and used to deceive the gullible and good hearted is growing. Words like God, love, the gospel, peace, acceptance, and even “the Word”, are being used to bait and trick casual world-goers into agreeing with or being deceived by people and things that appear harmless, safe and well-intentioned.


Are we deceived into thinking that we are “emerging” from the grave clothes and burdens of the one true gospel, now taught by some to be seen as “too grievous to be born,” (Matt. 23:4), when, in fact, the Liar is really only swapping the truth of God’s plan of salvation for the Devil’s version of the good news.

We fail to see we have grown cold in our love for the truth and left the word of God’s truth for the Deceiver’s slick, trendy repackaging of the lie. Jesus said that the Devil was a liar and the father of lies from the beginning, (Jn. 8:44). This is merely the next edition in a long line of false presentations of the gospel put out by Hell and company.

Marketed by the mouths of its zealous salesmen, who have sold out to Hell’s principles and purposes, we have been swept up into a frenzy seeking “change” and wanting something different. These are the “spin doctors” of the truth that take the bread of life out of the mouths of those hungry for the truth and bait them with the scrumptious morsels of the devil’s dainties.

And so goes the truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ, round and round, falling down and being trampled under the feet of modern Pharisees and “peddlers of the gospel,” (II Cor. 2:17) “who preach Christ from envy and strife, “and out of “selfish ambition,” (Phil. 1:15&17), until it is seen as contemptable, irrelevant unrecognizable and rejected.

It is not surprising that most of us fail to catch on to Satan’s tricks as most of us have never really heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as given to us by the One True God Who has spoken to earth through His Only Begotten Son Who said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life, (Jn.14:6), and the “express image” of the Father (Heb. 1:3). We have no Absolute Standard for Truth, no North Star with which to discern the counterfeits or navigate our way through the stormy waters of lies.

We have been programmed to merely trade one set of legalistic, caustic, judgmental, perverted (twisted) demonic renditions of the gospel for the next. We see ourselves throwing off the grave clothes of legalism, the stuffy, boring church wraps of devotion and commandments for a newer more open-minded, free-thinking, progressive, tolerant, educated, liberal, purpose-driven, entertaining, “ekstasis” form of worship, never suspecting our “new” “enlightened” version is a deadly remake of old pagan practices and pursuits.

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