The Subluxation Of Our Soul

The one rule in the war between God and Satan for the souls of men is Romans 6:16, whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his slave you become. Jesus said, “whoever commits sin is a slave of sin”, Jo.8:34. That slavery begins in our minds. As we believe the lies, we are enslaved by our new lord satan who sets up his strongholds and operating systems in our minds.


Romans 12:1-2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. We have the mind of Christ. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. He has also promised to keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.


The mind is the place of thought and reasoning. It is the place of confusion and conflict, confession and opinion. It is the place where beliefs are held and thoughts are processed. Processed thoughts often turn into actions. If beliefs determine behavior, and confession and belief, according to Romans 10:9-10, form the basis of salvation, then workings of our minds are strategic.


It was in Eve’s mind that the first thoughts of rebellion presented themselves. She had no way of specifically choosing evil as she had no direct knowledge of what evil even was. Nor did she know the power or effects of her decision as she knew nothing of the plot the Enemy had formed against her and the man Adam. She had never experienced the devastating or blinding effects of sin in the world or in her mind.


To this very day, the first and often most furious battles for our souls must be waged and won, in our minds. Some struggle with thoughts of insanity, paranoia, suicide, racing thoughts, images of blood and gore, obsession, compulsions, terror, voices arguing in their heads, pictures of perversion, and raging insults. Others suffer from the disconnection of dissociation. Few, very few, however, ever attribute these phenomena to anything outside of “normal” human experience. Every excuse from “I’m having a bad day”, “to everybody has problems”, covers up the real origin and activity of the spiritual world.


Disassociation, confusion and the deaf and dumb spirits have filled their minds with darkness and disconnected their thinking from critical thought. Their feelings are over stimulated at the same time they are numb and unresponsive. Love and pain become all the same to them. They are led blindly by the forces within, influenced by the impulsivity of the moment, or paralyzed by fears from the past. Most of the time, they are “not there,” held captive by the spirit of stupor in the distant land of brain fog and “I do not want to know”.


Many of those suffering from mind wars appear disinterested and disrespectful, if not, down right zombified. They are “checked out” and held hostage in some fantasy land of disreality.


This is not the way God intended it to be. He created our minds to be the place of worship and revelation, where His majesty and glory could be comprehended. When our minds are all shut down or plugged up, the revelation of Christ is lost to the pursuit of lesser things. The trivial pursuits the Enemy has placed in our paths are as endless as they are mindless. Trivia becomes our passion and our minds are consumed with details and discussions about nothing while the eternal things of God are left behind and unconsidered.


How sad that the Enemy has been able to keep us locked up in such padded cells of pleasure and prosperity that we do not even wish to be released, much less, seek our freedom diligently. Yes, many are anxious and dissatisfied. They worry and are full of angst, but never seek comfort in their Creator. Some live in fear of Him, believing only half of what the scriptures say of Him. Others prefer to control their own lives not suspecting that they live under the control of the demonic programmers who have subtly, but successfully reprogrammed their minds to not think on whatsoever things are lovely, pure, honest and of good report, but on the “what ifs” suggested by fear.


Fear and doubt have worked to reframe our thoughts. They have taught us to seek mastery of our own lives and leave God and His love out of our daily equations. Their insidious rearrangement of our thoughts and implantation of demonic ideas have left us unable to discern truth or trust God.


“This body of death” Paul talks about in Romans 7 is replacing the life of God in us. In our pursuit of God we have paid too much attention to the externals of how we look on the outside, and left the matters of the mind out of the transformation process. We are all taken up with what others will think, but fail to think about how we look on the inside.


Our actions come out of our beliefs which are gathered and sorted and selected by our minds which are housed in our brain. Our brain is the major control center for the body. Its directives are carried down through our spinal column to the internal and outer regions of our bodies. The Enemy has not overlooked the vital function of the spinal column in his work of capture and destruction. That destruction can include but are not limited to, twisting our spinal columns and pinching off the neurological impulses to and from the brain.


Our body is a most wonderful machine. Its communication systems, its ability to repair itself, its complex chemical equations, its balance and endurance, its stamina and desire, its ability to remember and reproduce another body, similar in nature and function, to itself is beyond its own understanding. Isn’t that amazing? Our bodies do all these things and so much more, without there even being a conscious thought to do it.


But as complex and amazing as this machine is, if the machinery is broken, it is broken. You cannot use it to harvest or carry, or effectively do any kind of work. You can fill your tank with $100/gallon gas and park it in the best garage money can buy, but none of these things are sufficient to fix it. It has to be repaired at the point of the break.


The complicate matters, this machine is made up of mostly dirt and water, which makes it closer to organic mud than inorganic metal. This God made man machine is dynamic and programmed to live and repair itself, if given the right elements necessary for that repair, When God breathed into his clay shaped man, His own breath gave life to the man. In that first man, there was no body of death, no decay, no sickness, no pain, no sin.


The man and the woman knew nothing of any of these things nor did they deliberately try to separate from God. They became disconnected from their life source inadvertently, even though God did warn them that that is what would happen. When they sinned the spiritual cord with God was broken, and “the soul that sins shall die” became true even to the biological level.


We fell. Sin caused shame. Shame knocked out our posture and bowed down our backs. We no longer raised up our eyes to worship, but hung our heads. And even as a fall or injury can cause subluxations in the human body, what do you suppose happened to the human race at The Fall? Its effects shook us to the very core of every cell and shut down huge sections of our brains. Trillions of cells became cut off from the wisdom and glory of God and died.


The human race had been captured by the Enemy. The subluxation of the soul had created a misalignment in the spinal column which began to hinder the communication of neurological impulses to the organs, cells, and tissues of the body. Without the exchange of those messages between the body and the brain, they both begin to die. We lose our vitality and clarity. Life becomes a matter of coping and survival. The abundant life is replaced by fear and futility replaces productivity and purpose.


A healthy body requires the removal of interference to restore the normal flow of nerve current to and from the brain. That flow affects our soul, as well. Our healing must be experienced on the neurological, biological level and the spiritual level. God’s healing, to be complete must address all demonic interference, even at the neurological levels of functioning. These interferences must be removed for us to be restored to our full potential and God’s ordained purpose for us.


Consider how fearfully and wonderfully you are made and what a prize we must be to satan who knows the detail of Divine craftsmanship that God has put into making us? Do I respect and love this temple as a dwelling place of the Most Holy God Whose Holy Spirit dwells in me?

I thank you Lord God, Creator of me, for the revelation of Your intricate design and intention in creating my body. Forgive me for the selfish, mindless disregard I have displayed in the abuse of it. Heal me and have mercy on my ignorant disregard for your truth, My Lord. Amen.

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