Roots Of Halloween

When we search out the origin of something we are wanting to discern the nature of that thing. The roots of Halloween go back way further than to the Celts or the Druids of Scotland and Ireland. The specific practices of “Trick or Treat” have come from the superstitions of the people trying to avoid being cursed with bad luck by offering treats of grain or fruits of the harvest to the lazy Druid priests who did not plant or prepare for the coming of winter, in exchange for their blessing. Paganism is always about fear and blackmail and treachery and death.

The actual roots of this, in your face, satanic celebration, go back to the Fallen Angels and the Giants referred to in Genesis 6, where these rebellious angels decided to sleep with the human women and have children. Their children were called Nephilim or giants or men of renown. When the giants killed themselves off their spirits had nowhere to go. They were forced to remain on the earth. The spirits of these half-breeds were neither human nor angel spirits, so they found no resting place. These disembodied spirits, now called evil spirits or demons, also known as familiar spirits or ghosts, are still here. 

As disembodied spirits, they roam throughout the earth seeking for ways to get their own needs met. Because they have appetites and no body through which to fulfill those cravings, they move in and take up cohabitation with humans whenever they can. They are the animation behind the inanimate objects that float through the air and the sound of the footsteps on the stairways of haunted housed. They are the power behind sorcery and the little ‘worker bees’ in witchcraft. Their mischief is behind every curse.

They are the evil cravings behind every addiction, including meth. Your recovery is not just a matter of will power, though it is critical that your will be set to reject them and their lusts and evil passions. Your recovery requires deliverance, which is exactly what Jesus Christ so clearly did when He walked among us. The epidemic of demonic infestation was so wide spread among the people that He even gave His followers the same authority to ‘cast out demons’ in His name that He had.  

If you do not believe a Christian can have a demon check out Romans 7:15 – 8:1. Even spirit filled Christians can have demons. How do we know? By the fruit in their lives. Jesus said, simple, simple, “by their fruit you shall know them”, Mt. 7:15, 20. Even the apostle Paul was struggling doing things he did not want to do, and he was a top notch follower of Jesus Christ.

Do not be fooled by Halloween. It is not just a little sugar filled fun time with the kids where we can walk through the spooky night and dress up to represent every vial spirit or any made up fable character for the fun of it. You are the one being tricked. Your participation in dressing up in the costumes and the Halloween festivities puts out a welcome mat for the enemy. And you wonder why so many things in your life are hard, and go wrong, and don’t come together well during the rest of the year?

What do I do? This is not a legalistic mandate to control you. Is it legalistic and unfair to warn someone not to go camping in the middle of a busy interstate freeway? You are taking on something that you are NOT prepared to handle. Face it. This world is not an accident as the Evil One would have you believe. No, it is a full blown conspiracy, a spiritual war between God and Satan for the souls of mankind. Ignorance is not a get out of jail card. It is deadly.

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