THE REMNANT (The New Name For The People Of God)


A remnant is a small part of something that remains after the rest has gone, like a small piece of cloth or unsold piece of carpet left at the end of the bolt of cloth, sometimes sold at a reduced price. It can also be a trace of something left or a small surviving group of people, isolated, survivors in a particular group of people, that comes from the Fr. Word and is associated with the word “remain”.

Remain is used as a verb to mean to stay behind or wait somewhere. It also means to continue in a state of, to continue in a particular state without changing. It can mean to be left after everything else has been dealt with, or to endure, and succeed to continuing on in spite of all that has happened.

rem·nant (rĕm′nənt) n.
  1. Something left over; a remainder.
  2. A piece of fabric remaining after the rest has been used or sold.
  3. A surviving trace or vestige: a remnant of his past glory.
  4. often remnants A small surviving group of people.
[Middle English remanant, remnant, from Old French remanant, from present participle of remainder, to remain; see remain.]


re·main (rĭ-mān′) intr.v. re·mained, re·main·ing, re·mains
  1. To continue in the same state or condition: These matters remain in doubt.
  2. To continue to be in the same place; stay or stay behind: We are remaining at home.
  3. To be left after the removal, loss, passage, or destruction of others: Only a few trees remained after the storm.
  4. To be left as still to be dealt with: A cure remains to be found.
  5. To endure or persist: Despite the passing of so many years, the fond memories remain.
[Middle English remainen, from Old French remanoir, remainer, from Latin remanēre : re-, re- +manēre, to remain;]


God wants His remnant ready. Are you part of that small part who are left over, who will be left standing in and for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, after the great sifting of the apostasy and the deluge of deception passes over us? Those who survive, who know their God, that He is God, will do exploits, (Dan. 11:32). All that will happen has already been foretold and predetermined. The word of God’s Prophets will be fulfilled. We who follow Him are to remain expectant and hopeful, to stay in the place of patient endurance, and to continue unmoved in the midst of Satan’s contempt. The global outpouring of wickedness and demonic rage and carnage that has created intense personal spiritual turmoil for many of us will continue until God makes an end of it. (See Dan. 7:23-27; & Dan. 8:23-25).

The Lord Himself is committed to keeping us in our commitment to Him. In the midst of this violent surge of evil, even in the face of death threats and danger as the god of this world ascends to his place of short-lived world domination, we live in the promise of God’s protection until the LORD puts our Enemy on display for the entire world to see. Many of them have not seen him or what is going on for what it really is. They have become dull-hearted through their idolatry and fascination with witchcraft and rebellion. Their integrity has been compromised. They have no real emotion or passion or love for God or His truth. Instead, they have been manipulated by every form of treachery and deception. They are being transformed into clones, drones, zombies, and commodities, left to live only for as long as they are deemed “useful” to the powers that be.

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