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TO CHRISTMAS OR NOT TO CHRISTMAS? The controversy over Christmas has grown over the last [...]

The Coming Of The King

It was in the fourteenth generation after the captivity, in the days of Herod the [...]

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I know many of us were hoping we would get another chance, through the election, [...]

An Up-grade To Your Armor – Fire Proofing Your Soul

Approaching our life in the context of spiritual warfare gives us several advantages over those [...]

Jesus Is Enough

Dear Fellow Pilgrim,   We are in dark days. The second coming of our great [...]

The Evolution Of The Gospel

I realize you may be as skeptical as you are sick to death of the gimmicks, the  [...]

Well Done

I will not rehearse the stories of misery and gore that so many of us [...]

We Are In A Time Of War, Not Peace.

Because of the apostasy in the church, it is as hard to find the real [...]

Kingdom Of God

Living in these uncertain days has made us certain of one thing, Jesus Christ must [...]

Help, I’ve Been Left Behind – What Do I Do Now?

For some yesterday, May 21, 2011 was just an ordinary day, a day we either [...]

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