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Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame – PART 2

AQuick Overview Of The Story: Lucifer sees God’s ultimate affection has gone toward the last two [...]



I know many of us were hoping we would get another chance, through the election, [...]

The Evolution Of The Gospel

I realize you may be as skeptical as you are sick to death of the gimmicks, the  [...]

We Are In A Time Of War, Not Peace.

Because of the apostasy in the church, it is as hard to find the real [...]

Kingdom Of God

Living in these uncertain days has made us certain of one thing, Jesus Christ must [...]

Help, I’ve Been Left Behind – What Do I Do Now?

For some yesterday, May 21, 2011 was just an ordinary day, a day we either [...]

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Sound the Alarm

All of us have heard some version of the story of the little boy sent [...]

Today, the Rapture?

Another scare about the date the world will end has been issued by those who [...]

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2011 Off With a Bang!

Wow!!  What’s happening out there? Earthquakes, wars,  riots, bloodshed, lies, treachery and betrayal of countries by [...]

But What Will You Do In The End?

As good soldiers we must know what we believe in and how to “contend earnestly [...]


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