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The Glory Of The Lord

Northern lights in winter mountains

So, when we see the deep darkness covering the people and fear is on every side we have our sign. Just like the shepherds had their sign, angels lighting up the sky and telling them they would find the Savior as a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, so we have been given a sign. In the darkest night, light and the promise of His Word return to fill our souls with joy and hope.

The Coming Of The King

[video_right][video_frame] [/video_frame][/video_right] It was in the fourteenth generation after the captivity, in the days of Herod the Terrible, that the Christ arrived in Judea. The land and its inhabitants were burdened with Roman taxes and oppressed with Herod’s soldiers. The injustices of the cruel emperors had enslaved them.They saw themselves no different from the many others […]

To Christmas Or Not To Christmas PART 3

Let us “be diligent to present ourselves approved to God, a worker that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” (II Tim. 3:15). There are some things that are innately evil, and dedicated to the purposes of evil. These are clearly forbidden by God in His Word and are not […]

To Christmas Or Not To Christmas PART 2

And what if the rules change? — which the Enemy also does, just to mix it up a little.  When I was a girl I grew up devoutly religious. There were rules for everything. We were told that eating “meat” on Friday was a mortal sin. I never questioned why God would make such a […]

To Christmas Or Not To Christmas – That Is The Question

Dear Friends of Jesus,  Thank you for taking a few moments to read this.   In recent years we have battled to keep Christ in Christmas, determined not to switch out greetings of “Merry Christmas” for “Happy Holidays”. Now we are faced with a new dilemma: Is Christmas really a time when Christians should be […]

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