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"Who Am I?" (MP3-Audio Download)

"WHO AM I?" - builds a foundation for understanding the battle that goes on in the mind and heart and lays out the ABC's of spiritual warfare to insure victorious livin...

Answers To Prayer (MP3-Audio Download)

ANSWERS TO PRAYER - Learn the power of coming to God with an attitude of thanksgiving and expectation. If you feel stuck and discouraged, "Answers To Prayer" is a "mus...

Breaking The Cycle (MP3-Audio Download)

BREAKING THE CYCLE - Breaking the patterns of iniquity that have come down our generational bloodlines is critical to spiritual freedom and blessing.

Cravings - Why Do I Do What I Don't Want To Do? (MP3-Audio Download)

CRAVINGS - Why Do I Do What I Don't Want To Do? address our need for freedom from God’s point of view and yields real solutions to our entrapment.

Defeating Depression (MP3-Audio Download)

DEFEATING DEPRESSION - Depression is not mental illness. Learn about the spiritual roots of depression and God's message of truth and hope.

Eating For Spiritual Health (MP3-Audio Download)

Eating For Spiritual Health - Has food become your foe? Many of us are caught up trying to control our cravings for food and drink through dieting and self-discipline o...

Eating To Live Or Living To Eat? (MP3-Audio Download)

EATING TO LIVE Or Living To Eat? -We are full of fear, guilt, fads and diets. Learn to eat your food without guilt and as an act of worship to God.

Forgiveness (MP3-Audio Download)

FORGIVENESS is the key to breaking the generational curses and righting the wrongs of life's injustices. Learn how bitterness carries the curses down through the genera...

When Life's Not Fair (MP3-Audio Download)

WHEN LIFE'S NOT FAIR - Learn how to keep a right attitude in the fiery trial and not get taken out by offense.

Why Are Bad Things Still Happening To Me? (MP3-Audio Download)

WHY ARE BAD THINGS STILL HAPPENING TO ME? explains the principles and patterns of destruction that hang on and continue to operate in our lives even after we are "saved...

Why Can't I Concentrate? (MP3-Audio Download)

WHY CAN'T I CONCENTRATE? - Do you have a difficult time concentrating or a hard time reading the Bible? Are you easily distracted and can’t remember things? The ...

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