1. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP23 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 23 - The Death
    The crowd mocks Jesus demanding Him to come down from the cross. Jesus utters His final words as the demons wait impatiently for Him to die. The Defense wraps up his questioning of Abraham. More Info

    $2.99 (TWD 88.65)
  2. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP 7 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 7 - The Blood
    Cain sweats it out on the witness stand. Hear what he has to say about the death of his brother and how the defense tries to drag the truth out of him. More Info

    $2.99 (TWD 88.65)
  3. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP25 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 25 - The Deliverance
    The Defense continues to examine Moses about God’s intentions in the Exodus. The Prosecution begins his cross-examination of Moses and God’s demand that Israel obey Him. Jesus descends into the place of the dead. More Info

    $2.99 (TWD 88.65)
  4. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP 9 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 9 - The Ark
    Noah is called as a hostile witness by the Prosecution who hopes to expose God’s insensitivity to mankind’s expression of his free will. Was building a boat to save one family a fair resolution to the problem of human diso More Info

    $2.99 (TWD 88.65)
  5. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP24 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 24 - The Exodus
    Moses takes the witness stand as the Defense calls his last witness. The death of Jesus is experienced as an earthquake in the Court of Heaven. Satan goes to see what is going on. More Info

    $2.99 (TWD 88.65)