1. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP24 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 24 - The Exodus
    Moses takes the witness stand as the Defense calls his last witness. The death of Jesus is experienced as an earthquake in the Court of Heaven. Satan goes to see what is going on. More Info

  2. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP25 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 25 - The Deliverance
    The Defense continues to examine Moses about God’s intentions in the Exodus. The Prosecution begins his cross-examination of Moses and God’s demand that Israel obey Him. Jesus descends into the place of the dead. More Info

  3. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP26 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 26 - The Redemption
    Prosecution continues his final examination of Moses. Jesus continues His battle in Hell releases the captive souls. Jesus leaves with the keys of Hell and Death. The Court reconvenes for the final arguments. More Info

  4. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP27 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 27 - The Resurrection
    The final arguments are delivered by the Prosecution. The demons are unable to keep Jesus in the tomb. Will the clever arguments of the Angel of Light be strong enough to persuade the Jury to convict God? More Info

  5. God On Trial - Opening Arguments EP28 (MP3-Audio Download)

    EPISODE 28 - The Decision
    The Defense presents his final arguments before the Jury. The ultimate decision is now in the hands of the listener. But is the war really over? More Info