Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Perfect love casts out fear. The power behind this pestilence is fear. Fear is a demonic collection of entities that saturate and swarm and move the masses into places of anxiety and hysteria. This is the perfect storm engineered by the diabolical forces of hell to overtake the people, many of whom have already been trained and pressured into submission, to do what they are told. The fear and intimidation of this virus, is by far more deadly and destructive than anything the virus itself is capable of doing to us. 

Some have kept their heads and see through this thing. The emperor “has no clothes”, but in the story, everyone was afraid to stand up and insult the king. This virus, is it real? Is it going to kill us? Is it a judgment from God? Is it a precursor to the end of the world? Will it bring in the mark of the beast? Are we all going to die? Will life ever get back to “normal” again? Will we get back to the enjoyment of our gatherings and our games? What time is it and what is going to happen?

So many questions fear stirs up within our souls. Is the Holy Spirit asking you all those questions? Does He not know the outcome for both the righteous and the wicked? Does God not know those who are His? The Bible tells us in those days, men’s hearts would be failing them for fear of what is coming on the earth. We have been conditioned by the god of this world to believe that what we see and feel and think are the truth.  But if those thoughts are not God’s thoughts, we have been deceived. We have been deceived by the god of this world into thinking we do not need a Savior – that if we just be good enough – or reject the possibility of there actually being a Creator of us, that we could just write the rules for ourselves and live as good citizens of the lie.

For the most part, most of us have walked away from the truth of God and His Word. God has not changed. He is the same from the beginning. It is we who have drifted away from Him. We have not understood the Fear of the Lord or valued His Word or His warnings. We have found the life in our own hand and determined our own way on the earth.

Now is the time. Today is the day of salvation. Today is part of the countdown for the coming of the Day of the Lord. We have all heard about it but most have decided it is only another part of a “conspiracy theory”. Nothing in God’s word is a theory! It is all factual and actually. Much of it is historical, vivid accounts of wars and conversations and prayers and expeditions.  But where are we now? Who can we believe? Who knows what is really going on?

First of all let us settle the idea of this being a conspiracy. As a great Bible scholar explained it, there are only two ways to explain all of everything that can be accounted for in this world. It is either a conspiracy or it is an accident. For over 150 years the forces and pawns of Darkness have tried to cram the idea of evolution and accidental origins down our throats. We tolerated it, and out of it came the suicide of uncounted, beautiful children and young people who were given no hope or purpose or reason to believe they were of any more value than pond scum. 

So, we must consider the other alternative. This is a conspiracy! Most deliberately and most definitely! There is both a divine intention and a diabolical snare that has come upon all the people. We are no exception. America is no exception! No one is exempt from what goes on here. All of the incredible attempts of the devil to weave a fable around the truth have only woke us up to a nightmare that does not end when we wake up or turn the TV off. 

The Evil One is about to devour us, this planet, our way of life, if he can. Is this doom and gloom? Can we dismiss the tornado that is raging down the road, coming straight toward us as not real because it is too frightening to deal with? But how foolish are we now to be caught without provisions and unprepared? But, on the other hand, how would one prepare for what has come upon us that in three days we are sent to our homes under threat of some phantom that was created to be real enough do this very thing? Within 14 days the whole world is shut down. Stadiums are empty. Schools are closed. Churches are forbidden to meet. We are put under a soft martial law under the guise of a pandemic that is only one edict away from house arrest.

Am I being political? Does that matter? This is not political at the same time it is all political. This is really about what the Holy Scriptures have told us about the Harvest, the events of the last days, and the soon return of the real KING, Jesus Christ. This is about the birth pains of the devil’s child, the anti-christ. His one world order, the snare he has set to catch the souls of men who swim in schools of oblivion and dutifully follow fear.

What is happening is a massive effort of the Enemy to confuse and frighten us. As the followers of Jesus Chris we are not defeated but without the accurate understanding of the truth we too can be deceived. When Jesus was talking about the coming of the End, the first thing he warned us about was being deceived. He said there would arise “false prophets, and false christs who would show great sings and wonders, “so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Mt. 24:24) Deception has always been Satan’s signature on everything. He starts wars and sows division among us to divide and weaken us.  

For example, in the world wars, man and women of different skin colors put down these minor distinctions to  come together to fight against a common enemy.  They fought with courage and conviction and won a temporary stay against globalism and one world domination, NEVER realizing that the whole war between the two opposing sides was financed by ONE  and the SAME source! Who was putting up the money to finance the bombs and bullets for both sides? Does it matter the names of these diabolical pawns? All we must know at this juncture in our quest for truth and freedom is not to stop too soon in our search for the truth. 

We can fall down the very ‘rabbit hole’ that we deny exists or we can become so terrified by that hole that we forget who we are and who our God is. The Bible is so full of the promises of God and His faithfulness to us that it is hard to point to one verse. However, let us go through Ps 91 and I Thess. 5. 

The big question is, is this the judgment of God?

“Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just. For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds. My defense is of God who saves the upright in heart. God is a just judge and God is angry with the wicked every day.” 

Ps. 7:9-11

God must judge the wicked. Are you wicked? If you are not wicked and have confessed the sins of wickedness you or those of your generations have committed, then you are righteous and free from God’s judgment. Would the devil like to cast you into fear and judgment? Will God let him?  Then you know the answer. So go to work standing and having done all to stand for truth and the return of our KING.

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