&Quot;It Runs In The Family&Quot; - Breaking Generational Curses

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“It Runs In The Family” – Breaking Generational Curses

Are you curious about why things happen the way they do, and why they seem to happen over and over again, no matter what you try to do to change them? The Bible tells us that “The curse without a cause shall not come.” (Pr. 26:2) So there must be a reason for the lack of blessings in our lives. But, what is it?
Join us for “It Runs In The Family” – Breaking Generational Curses conference where we will:
-Diagnose the spiritual health of our family bloodlines
-Discover the power of confession and forgiveness in destroying the patterns of generational iniquity
-Take back the legacy of peace and blessing

. Bring your lunch and stay for the Q & A during the break.

“It Runs In The Family” – Breaking Generational Curses

DATE: April 24th, 2021

TIME: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

LOCATION: Mid America Building, 

9220 Bass Lake Rd, New Hope, MN 55428 (Suite 320)

(Free Parking) map

COST: Free-will offering


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