Kingdom Of God


Living in these uncertain days has made us certain of one thing, Jesus Christ must come back. There seems to be no human solution to the complex problems and personal pain we are in. Our Government is broken as well as broke. The bottom line is not raising the debt ceiling or taxes or lowering spending or any magical combination of the two.


The bottom line is sincere and absolute repentance. We need the Revelation of Jesus Christ to understand the urgency of that Repentance, noting that the first public sermon Jesus Christ made when He walked among us and surveyed the damage and human carnage left by sin was “ Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand”, (Matt. 4:17).


Few of His followers today could argue about the urgency and nearness of the  being closer to coming than when He first spoke it. But the danger is that we have heard of talk of His coming for so long that it is like it will not ever come really, and therefore has no weight in our daily decisions or life directions.


But even if it would be yet 300 years away, all of us reading this will see the kingdom of heaven come before then and will give an account of our lives as lived on this earth, to the ONE who made us. That account will tally up what we have done with our lives, our time, our energy, our talents and our money.

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