“If therefore, the light that is in you be darkness,” Jesus said, “how great is that darkness!” (Matt. 6:23). How impenetrable and undetected is that deception. If the “story” that we give credence to and believe to be the correct explanation for the existence of anything – sin, pain, the world, the way it got here, the trouble in my life, my worth and eternal destiny, etc., is wrong, but I do not “see” or comprehend it as wrong, and I operate my life by it and make my life transactions based upon it, Jesus says I am bound by the darkness. I am blind and do not know it.


This “false light” is a light which many have come to accept as true because “one of the henchmen of hell, the angel of light,” has re-lit our world to look like everything it is not! Good is “re-lit” as evil. Evil is rationalized as pragmatic. The greater good is determined to be what is best for me, and Truth is whatever suits me at the moment. Me and my opinion become the basis for truth as Truth becomes like comfortable furniture, occasionally moved around like an easy chair, “put to sit” where I want it.

When truth is an object subject to our definition it must also become subject to our weaknesses including any innate blind spots and our predisposition to being deceived. When Truth becomes nothing more than my idea, based on my experience, I become part of a giant, global science experiment conducted by the mad scientist of Hell. His goal is to manipulate me to feel a specific reaction designed to produce in me a taste for the lie (the devil’s counterfeit of truth) and with that, an aversion to the real meaning of life as given by the One Who is the Truth.

What I have witnessed and come to believe is true is all a delusion, created by Liar and his smoke and mirrors magicians set up to deceive me. I have been tricked!!! By using myself as the only safe and reliable source of information, because I could trust no one else, I have developed, under the tutors of hell, my own well built, customized jail cell. Being bound in a prison of lies you designed yourself is still no substitute for freedom nor can it bring life. Does is matter if the death sentence is carried out in isolation or opulence on the beaches of luxury or the side streets of life if it all lead to death in the end?


Without the truth and the true light of God we are lost no matter how it feels or how good it looks for however long the devil wants the delusion to remain. The Word of God says, that “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” (I Jn. 1:5) Most of us have nodded off to sleep and been awaken to follow another light. We are like deer caught in the bright lights of fame or the spotlights of success. If we are religiously inclined, we have become spell bound by the master of deception himself, “the angel of light”. We are caught by him or one of his “false apostles or deceitful ministers”, (II Cor. 11:13) who shape shift from wolves into sheep in such a quick yet convincing “slight of the hand” that even the sheep dogs cannot sniff out the difference.

Satan is that imposter Jesus testified to seeing fall as a lightening bolt cast from heaven. Many have been fascinated and mesmerized by his drama ever since. The fables of his greatness are only surpassed by the more hidden force of his true intentions to violate us and profane all that is good and true and right about God.

Some have been caught up to become part of the “devil’s tale,” a story that has been retold and rewritten to empower each new generation of little ones hungry for the magic of kingdoms and the power to rule them. Some have chosen to wear a mark of their allegiance to the fallen one on their own foreheads. Some willingly wear his skull and crossbones as a mark of agreement. Some give their blood as food and drink for him, seduced into conception by vampires. Some would kill anyone who does not bow down to their god, thinking and doing it as an act of works and worship to the One True God when it is not!

God cannot lie. God cannot tell a lie. God cannot tell a half truth. It is not in God’s nature to trick us or tell us a lie for the purpose of controlling or deceiving or manipulating us. Why would He do that? What would it profit Him to contradict Himself and set Himself up in opposition to everything He stands for? Why would He try to destroy what He had created and why would He want to destroy that which was made in His own image and essence?


When light, (the thing you believe to be true) becomes the biggest obstacle to the Light we have to wonder who could ever hope to find their way out of the devil’s labyrinth of lies? This twisted path through the mazes of religion and rituals and blood and works has left us compromised and contorted. We have been drained of life by the leaches of Hell, and no one seems to be alarmed!!

And what happens when the thing you believe to be true for you is not the same thing that is true for some one else? Whose truth wins? And on what criterion or basis do we determine the winner? Chaos and world wars come out of these kinds of debates. How can policies and legislation lead us to peace when the path to truth has become a multiple choice, fork in the road with a foot note posted at the bottom of the sign assuring the traveler that all roads lead to the same destination?

“Thus says the LORD; Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’” (Jer. 6:16)


Where do you stand? At that fork in the road? Or is even that an illusionary place that has been counterfeited and made to look like a place at which you must choose? Some say “live your life as best you can”. Others say “I’ve tried that and it does not work”. Some check out and make excuses. Some deliberately control and mislead others as self-appointed guides on the road of life. Jesus says, “Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. (I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.) Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. (Matt. 11:28-29 AMP).

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