The curse without a cause shall not come,” (Pr. 26:2)


Have you every wondered why things happen the way they do, and why they seem to happen again and again, no matter what you do to TRY and change them?  The Bible tells us that “The curse without a cause shall not come,” (Pr. 26:2). So there must be a reason for the lack of blessings and the presence of a curse in our lives.

The Enemy is very familiar with our weaknesses, fears, and the patterns of destruction he has cut into the fabric of our lives. He has already been successful in breaking into our lives long before we were even aware of his existence. The patterns of dysfunction, fear and separation were well formed in the generations that preceded us. The “former desolations” and “the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations,” talked about in Isaiah 61:4 tell the story.  The Enemy has worked to rebuild our lives on a foundation of shame and confusion, which creates failure and lack. (See Is. 61).

He has kept track of every sin, including any mental, verbal or subconscious agreements we, or our ancestors, have made with him. He is the record keeper. He is the Accuser of the Brethren who uses the unconfessed sin, the shedding of blood, the oaths and the words of agreement, and the symbolic dedications made by us or on our behalf by our ancestors to legitimize his plot to destroy us. These deeds and words become the premise from which Satan argues his case against us.

As individuals begin to make choices for themselves and consequently, for their descendants, the iniquities of the fathers and the consequences of those choices became part of their children’s inheritance. This automatic transmission of sin from one generation to the next is described in Exodus 20:5 as the “iniquity of the fathers visited on to the children to the third and fourth generations”. It becomes the “default pattern” that not only affects human life and its generation, but all of creation. 

The curses handed out in Eden to Adam, Eve, and the Serpent continue to be passed down through the generations even to this very day. We still sweat and suffer in child bearing. Snakes still crawl on their bellies and eat dust.  In addition to the general curse of death that came upon all of creation as a result of the Original Sin, we have also become weakened and more vulnerable to deception.


The Bible tells us we were conceived in sin and born into iniquity. That does not mean the act of conception is sinful or that the child conceived is evil. It simply means that already at birth the seeds of destruction are present within us. Those seeds contain the lies the Enemy will use to deceive us. They are the same lies he used to tempt our ancestors, and their yielding to his lies gave him the right to use them again on us. 

The generational junk, though present at birth, cannot be automatically activated in us without our consent. “Whom you yield yourself servants to obey, his servant you become,” (Rom. 6:16), provides the terms of this contract with Darkness. The Enemy must get us to enter into agreement with the lie in order for that lie to begin to function in our lives. Until the lie is activated, the curses in our individual lives remain dormant. Embracing the lies allows Satan to activate the pending patterns of destruction in our lives.


Most people do not realize either the immediate or the long term effects of their choice to believe the lie and sin. Sin not only opens doors for demonic judgments, it also sets up a familiar learning environment as part of the legacy for us and our descendants. The lies that have been embraced and agreed upon affect both the initial signer of the contract and the offspring of those who chose to “do the deal” with the Devil. 

Failing to recognize the lies that the Enemy uses to bring his judgments upon us and failing to repent or, “change our mind,” and confess our sins in light of those judgments, allows the Enemy to continue to control us after we are saved. Before we were saved we were under the indictment of death and held by the Law that says, “The soul that sins, (or, breaks the law), shall die”, (Ez. 18:4). The only way out of the legal binding the Enemy had over us as citizens of earth was to die, (Ro. 7:1-6). The Death of Jesus Christ was substituted for ours so that death would no longer have legal dominion over those who “opted out” of the Devil’s Kingdom.

God in His great goodness, did not abandon us to the consequences of our fallen state. Instead, He made a way to accommodate our free will by establishing a way out of the curse of sin and its destruction through obedience. God modified the avalanche of sin’s consequences cascading down the course of human generation from father to son by sending His Son to absorb the shock waves of sin and stop death in its tracks. 

He declares, as recorded by the prophet Ezekiel, that no longer shall it need be that a child should have to die for the sins of the parent. If a son chooses to walk in righteousness he shall “not die for the iniquity of his father; he shall surely live!” says the Lord. (Ez. 18:17). 

God established the power of our free will in giving us the right to renounce the unrighteousness of our fathers and gave us the power to change the direction of our ancestral legacy, by doing that which was right in the sight of the Lord. The renunciation of past agreements is accomplished by confessing the sins and iniquities of our generations past as sin and an abomination against God.


Patterns carried down through the bloodlines explain the observable similarities between grandparent and parent, parent and child, and child and grandparent.  Not all patterns or traits are negative. Both good and bad can occur in any area of a person’s life, personality and experience. They include, but are not limited to; length of life, causes of death, physical ailments, the amicability in relationships, violence, abuse, addictions, anger, assault, accidents, injury, finances, poverty, wealth, success, intelligence, persecution and false accusation, to mention a few. 

Patterns are like wallpaper. The pattern tells us three things regardless of whether or not we know how to wallpaper. The pattern is not coincidental. There is an intelligent designer behind it. The predictability of the pattern offers further proof that the transmission of the content from one generation to the next is NOT an accident. We can safely conclude that the patterns of destruction and hardship are a direct and deliberately crafted by a designer whose intention is destruction. 

The pattern tracks the Enemy’s activities over time and makes them more evident. Though medical histories make patterns of dysfunction in physical health easier to identify than the more subtle patterns of dysfunction that operate as break-downs in other areas, they all have their roots in spiritual origins. 

No area of human life or activity is exempt from the patterns, or left unaffected by the forces of evil. It also leads us to believe that not all of the explanations for life exist in the realm of the physical. There are spiritual forces at work behind the scenes that have taken up specific assignments against us. (See Job 1:6-12).


Strongholds are an accumulation of lies and patterns of sin gathered through the activity of the demons (disembodies spirits), known as FAMILIAR SPIRITS. These familiars are well acquainted with our generational line.  They are aware of all the open doors, unconfessed sin, innocent blood shed, vows, words spoken and curses made by our ancestors. These demons operate through the curses and cords of iniquities of the previous generations to build their case and establish their claims against each successive generation. They present their accusations and allegations to the Court of Heaven in a desire to bring upon each new generation the judgments of the sins of the last one. 

They come looking and sounding like us. They come feeling like our feelings and using our names. They invade our thinking and hide deep within our feelings. They persuade us that they are our thoughts and feelings and impersonate us to ourselves to get us to believe we are the things we observe ourselves thinking, saying, feeling and doing. 

Through constant exposure to evil, Satan continues his work of deception until we become accustomed to evil. It’s familiarity and the fact that few of us question the accuracy of our perceptions and the validity of our observations causes us to accept the beliefs and traditions of our families and cultures as accurate and true when they are not. Deception begins to feel like normal and we live without resisting our “reality”.


Without the revelation of the Holy Spirit we can live our whole lifetime in bondage to the lies that have enslaved our ancestors for centuries and never know the difference. The unspoken family rules and patterns of dysfunctional behavior that hold us captive continue to go unchallenged and we are none the wiser. 

In recognizing the generational sins we are not looking for a way to blame our parents or grandparents. We are simply looking for the patterns of destruction in order to identify the areas of difficulty and consider the direction our life is taking. We are taking responsibility to bring our generations back to the Cross of Calvary so that we and our descendants can enjoy the full redemption Jesus died to give us.


Even as every crime needs a witness to settle the dispute, we have One Who will testify to the truth of what really happened to us. Though the Enemy may have obscured our memory and twisted our perception and blocked our understanding, Jesus knows. He is that “Faithful Witness”, (See Rev. 1:5), Who opens our eyes and enlightens our hearts with His promise, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn. 8:32). 

Finding the place of agreement, that place in time and space where we were deceived into believing the lie, means going back into the memory. Many of those agreements were made in childhood, some even in the womb. Detecting and exposing them is the work of the Holy Spirit and Jesus, the Faithful Witness. 


When we recognize the pattern and realize the lie we have been believing, we can intentionally cancel out the lie and our agreement with it. We declare the truth and replace the lie with the truth. We are then in a place to command the demons that were holding us hostage through the lie and using it as their authorization to continue their control of us, to be cast out.

Only when we, as the legal representative of our generational blood line, “take the Devil to court”, will the agreements with the Devil and his hold over us be broken and justice be restored. Only then will the curses be broken. The freedom Jesus died to give us will begin to flow to redeem those parts of our lives, including our physical health and current relationships, that have been bound in pain and destruction. 


  1. IDENTIFY – Breaking the curses begins with identifying the lie. Recognizing the patterns and making the connections between what is happening in the present with things that have gone on in the past. Identification requires investigation and asking key questions that compare the experiences of our ancestors, including our parents, with our own. A good list of those questions can be found in “Diagnosing Your Family Tree.
  2. CONFESS – We must confess the sins and the iniquities of the generations past. Leviticus 26:39-46 very clearly instructs those who find themselves eaten up, beaten up and wasting away. “If they will confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me, and that they also have walked contrary to Me, and that I also have walked contrary to them and have brought them into the land of their enemies, if their uncircumcised hearts are humbled, and they accept their guilt – then I will remember My covenant …”

    We admit to and confess the wrong doing. Those sins and abominations may include things we have not done ourselves and yet are part of our family’s history, such things as incest, infidelity, abandonment, rejection, failure, favoritism, abuse, anger, violence, blood shed, extortion, embezzlement, dishonesty, abortion, sexual perversion, lying, bitterness, judgmentalism, gossip, etc.

  1. REPENT  – After we confess those things the Holy Spirit has brought to mind in regard to the sins of our generation, we take personal responsibility for our own choices. We repent for our own participation in those sins, both knowingly and unknowingly. We repent for believing lies which allowed those sins to continue to operate in our life and relationships. Repentance means to change our mind. We cannot repent for someone else because we cannot change their mind for them. That is why God commands us to ‘confess’ their sins and repent for our own.

    We ask Jesus Christ, our deliverer, to set us free from the contracts and curses operating in our lives through the covenants made with the Kingdom of Darkness, by those who have gone before us. Those words and deeds, still operating out of the strongholds created through the sins of the generations past, must now submit to our newly declared allegiance to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

  2. FORGIVE – To forgive someone means that I release them from my judgment and present the crimes and injustices they committed against me to God and the Court of Heaven. I permit God be the judge. I make my appeal to the highest court in the universe and allow heaven to make the judgment and hand down the sentence. I chose by an act of my will and with my heart to trust in God’s divine justice and to do what Jesus did.

    “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (Mat. 6:14-15).

  3. RELEASE FROM JUDGEMENTS – Once we have forgiven those who have sinned against us, we can and do well to ask God to remove the judgments that Satan made against us. We must understand that the Enemy uses unforgiveness and bitterness to bind us to the very same thing we had judged in others and uses it as a justification to bring that or a similar judgment down on us.

    Curses come as a result of holding judgments and grudges against others, as well as, for disobedience and in response to iniquity. They are perpetuated through bitterness and unforgiveness. These curses are no respecter of persons and come to inflict injustices upon the innocent victim as well as the willful perpetrator. 

The remedy for the sins of the generations and the “iniquity of our fathers which is with us” (See Leviticus 26:39) is clearly laid out in the Bible. We are admonished to break the curses of evil that cascade down into our life, and the lives of our children by confessing the iniquity of those who have gone before us. Confess the sins of the generations, identifying as specifically as possible, the patterns and the offenses. 

We are acknowledging the operation of the familiar spirits that have created those particular responses and repercussions that have created a negative spiritual legacy and carried it down through our generational bloodline. When it is not possible to be specific, as may be the case when a person is adopted, or do not know our parent(s) or what was done, the best we can do is confess the general categories of sin and take responsibility to declare them to be an abomination before the Lord. 

As we see from these verses, the prescription for recovery and restoration is very specific. If we CONFESS our iniquity and the iniquities of our fathers, which are with us and through which their unfaithfulness was demonstrated to Him, and humble ourselves, and REPENT of our own participation in those sins, God’s healing of our generational line and our lives will begin.


These ‘set up’ prayers have proven to be invaluable in providing protection for us and our families as we enter into spiritual warfare in behalf of others and ourselves. We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of using these prayers regularly, at the start of every new day and every time you begin a counseling session. Each word has come to have significance although these prayers are only a model of how to pray. You can surely pray your own prayers using your own words. Nevertheless, under all circumstances, we urge you to prepare each time of ministry by taking the time to pray.

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank You, Lord God, for this day. I thank You that You are in control. I thank You for this place and I ask You to fill this room with Your peace, Your power, Your protection and Your presence right now. I ask You to seal the perimeters of our time and space with Your precious Blood, that Your will be done here, on earth, right now, as it is being done and declared in heaven. I bind the operation of the Enemy and forbid his attempts to confuse, confound, disrupt, interrupt, distract, hinder, delay conceal, steal or resist the work and revelation of Jesus Christ.

I ask You to tuck ______ into the palm of Your Hands, that they will feel Your peace and sense Your presence, and hear Your voice. You said, ‘My sheep know My voice’. I bind the powers of darkness arrayed against _________ and forbid them to call for reinforcements to the strongholds or to network with those in the strongholds. I bind the strong man, the familiar spirits, and any who hold assignment over ________. I forbid your operations against ________ . I render you powerless and inoperative, and command you who keep the strongholds to prepare to leave the temple dwelling place of the Most High God in _______. I command that the Light of Your Truth and the Sword of Your Word make manifest the hidden works of Darkness, and separate them from every part of us.

I also pray for divine favor, that the Blood of the Lamb to cover each one of us, our families, those who pray for us and work with us and have come to us for help in the past. I pray for those who love us, and for protection of all that pertains to us and them. I pray that You would keep us in our words, our conversations, our relationships, our communications, our thoughts, and our perceptions, that the Enemy cannot get into our lives to bite, divide, devour, destroy, deceive or separate us in our fellowship with each other and with You.

I pray that we would all rightly divide Your Word of Truth, and that the thoughts and meditations of our hearts would be acceptable in Your sight. I declare, according to Your Word, that “no weapon formed against us will prosper” and that any curse that has been sent against us, either in word or deed, made either ignorantly or intentionally, will fall to the ground and be covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ, that the Enemy cannot use it against us. I pray that those who have cursed us will be blessed with a revelation of Your truth that would set them free.

Your Blood cancels out the agreements and contracts my generations past have made with the Enemy. I declare his continued operations in my life through those lies to be illegal. I command that the familiar spirits who works through those agreements to be separated from me and my descendents and their lies be exposed by the light of Your truth. I also ask that You would give us a deeper revelation of Your truth and keep us in good health. Watch over us and keep us safe. Keep us from the hindering spirits and make the thieves put back all that they have stolen from us. Cover our vehicles, our travel, our finances, our property and the work of our hands, that we might enjoy the fruit of our labors. Let the gifts of Your Holy Spirit work freely in and through us that we might be used to make disciples and bring the good news of rescue and salvation to those lost and hurting.

I thank You, Lord Jesus, that you are the Wonderful Counselor. I ask You to come right now to give us Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You as we cry out for discernment and rest our hope fully in You. Amen.


When asking Jesus for things do not feel that you must make it complicated. He is more than willing to help us. The Devil is a different story. He is very legalistic. With him, it is best to dot the “i” and cross the “t”. Though we might resist the idea of being that specific in identifying the Enemy, and in dealing with him, it is necessary to be bold and as firm as possible in naming him. Do not be double-minded or apprehensive in binding him.

Though Jesus has given us power over all the power of the Enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us, it is not wise to move in any kind of haughtiness or arrogance against this foe. He is clever and you and I, in our human understanding and wit are NO match for him. Because the Enemy has gained access into our lives through the sins of our generations past, it is important that we get our own lives cleaned up before we start working with others. He may still have strongholds of fear and deception in us of which we have no knowledge. When you begin to deal with him in others, the Enemy will begin to attack you in some part of your life, if he can. It is best to approach war with the gates of your fort closed and the interior secured.


Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to You right now and ask You to forgive me for rejecting, hating and despising myself. I ask you to forgive me for the judgments I have made against myself in listening to the lies of the Devil. Forgive me for using his description of who I am to describe my life. Forgive me for using his counsel to guide my life. I ask You to forgive me for believing him instead of You. I ask you to remove all the judgments I’ve made against myself in listening to him and have mercy on me.

I ask You to take the Sword of Your Truth and remove from me all judgments and the consequences of the judgments the Devil has made against me for judging myself. Remove from me all the judgments and consequences of the judgments I have made against myself including agreement with the spirits of self-hatred, self-rejection, self-judgment, self-destruction, self-reliance, self-preservation, self- condemnation, condemnation, doubt, self-doubt, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, perfectionism, failure, death, infirmity, chaos, confusion and unforgiveness toward self. I ask you to give me a deep revelation of Your love for me and peace in my relationship with You. Thank You, Jesus.


Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to You right now and ask You to forgive me for rejecting and despising myself. I repent. I come before You to declare, before heaven and earth, that I change my mind and repent of embracing the lies the Devil has formulated against me. I refuse to believe the liar and his lies any longer. I choose to release and forgive myself for despising and hating the creation You made in making me. I choose to live and breathe and have my being in You and give You glory. I choose to let Your Holy Spirit reflect Your image in and through my life and conduct. I agree with the instructions You gave my body to “live”. I no longer choose death.

I take authority over my body, and in Your Name, Lord Jesus, I command all liars, deceivers, destroyers, and every spirit of confusion, and rejection that operate in my body, mind, heart, soul, will, emotions, and spirit, and all that pertains to them, to leave my body. I am the temple property of the Living God and will have no fellowship with the hidden works of darkness! I ask You to forgive me for hating myself and opening the door for the Enemy to bring judgment against me using my own words to do it. I choose to live and ask You, Lord Jesus, to cancel all vows and death wishes I uttered against myself in wanting to die.

I ask You to form Your image and reflect Your purposes in and through me. Loose me from judgments I have held against myself in listening to the counsel of the liar who uses those judgments to use me to sabotage my own life by holding me in unforgiveness toward myself. I choose, by an act of obedience, to forgive myself even as You have asked me to forgive others. I come to You, Lord Jesus and submit myself to Your care. I yield myself to Your workmanship and commit my salvation to You for safe keeping.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making me, me. I am Your idea, and I come into full agreement with Your idea for making me who I am. Thank You for making me just the way You wanted me, and for placing me in time and place as You desired. You are the Potter and I am the clay. Let me be satisfied to be a vessel made in Your Honor and fit for Your use. Thank You, Lord Jesus for this life. I give it back to You. Fulfill all the destiny and dreams, and all Your purpose and desire for my life in making me, that I may, on that Day, hear You say, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.” Amen.


Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to You right now and choose, by an act of my will, and with my heart, to forgive ______, for the crimes they have committed against me. I release them from the judgments I have made against them and forgive them for their failure to love and protect me. I forgive them for the betrayal and the injustices they committed against me. I release my case against them and the injustices they committed against me, to You, Lord Jesus, and the Court of Heaven. I ask that You would consider my complaint and bring forth a righteous resolution and a just settlement in this matter in favor of truth, justice and mercy.

I ask that you would bless both of us with a deeper revelation of Your love for us. If the person being forgiven is deceased, we ask that God would give their descendants a deeper revelation of His truth. I ask that You would release me from all the judgments and the consequences of the judgments that have come upon me and my descendents because of any unforgiveness, bitterness, or anger I have held against them. Release me from becoming like the thing that I judged and hated in them.

I pray that You would release me from all the judgments I have made against myself in listening to the lies of the devil and using his counsel to bring these matters to justice, including listening to retaliation and resentment.

Forgive me for taking matters into my own hands and not listening to You. I ask You to have mercy on me, and remove the hurt and pain and confusion. I trust You, Lord Jesus, to establish justice and give me Your peace. Vengeance is Yours and I trust in Your justice. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Amen!


Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to You right now and ask You to let me see my true heart. Forgive me for listening to the Accuser who perpetrated lies against You, defaming Your character and identifying You as the One responsible for my destruction. Forgive me for believing his lies about You. I ask You to release me from the lies Resentment has told me about You, and open my eyes to the truth about where You were and what You were doing when the Enemy was raging against my life. Thank you for Your faithfulness to me, and Your Divine Protection in keeping Your promise to never leave me or forsake me. Amen.


In dealing with the sins of the generations and the open accounts that have been left standing by those who have gone before you, it is important to understand how the Enemy uses these things to build his case and form his plot against your individual life. When you see the patterns of destruction coming down into your life you have evidence that what is happening is not a coincidence, nor is it without a design. Recognizing the patterns of destruction removes from us the denial that would counsel us to ignore the obvious and live in ignorance. The patterns tell us three things; the plot is not an accident or a random act, it is orchestrated and operated under a deliberate design and intention, and that it is predictable.

Once we are convinced, we will want to take action. The action that must be taken to address the sins of the generations and the “iniquity of our fathers which is with us” (See. Leviticus 26:39) is clearly laid out in the Bible.

The first step in breaking the curses and the cascade of evil that comes down into my life, (even as a believer), and the lives of our children is to: CONFESS THE INIQUITY OF THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE US. Confessing the sins of the generations, identifying as specifically as possible, the patterns and the offenses, breaks the agreements and voids the contracts the Enemy has been holding over us.

Those agreements made with the lies by those who have gone before us have allowed the familiar spirits to created particular responses and repercussions in our lives that have brought with them a negative spiritual legacy. Each generation wrestles with the “sins of the fathers” he tries to carry down into each successive generation.

When it is not possible to know the patterns specifically, as may be the case when you are adopted, or do not know what has gone on between your parent(s), the best you can do is confess the general categories of sin and take responsibility to declare them to be an abomination before the Lord.

“But, if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. I will set My face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you.” Leviticus 26:14-17 NKJV

“And as for those of you who are left, I will send faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies;…they shall stumble over one another,…you shall have no power to stand before your enemies,…your enemies shall eat you up. And those of you who are left shall waste away in their iniquity in your enemy’s lands; also in their father’s iniquities, which are with them, they shall waste away.” Leviticus 26:36-39 NKJV

“But if they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me and that they also have walked contrary to Me,…if their uncircumcised hearts are humbled, and they accept their guilt – then I will remember My covenant with Jacob, and My covenant with Isaac and My covenant with Abraham I will remember; I will remember the land for I am the LORD their God. Leviticus 26:40-42, & 44 NKJV

As we see from these verses, the prescription for recovery and restoration is very specific. If we CONFESS our iniquity AND the iniquities of our fathers, which are WITH us and their unfaithfulness to Him, and humble ourselves, and REPENT of our own participation in those sins, God will heal us and restore blessings to our generational line.


The breaking of the generational curses includes CONFESSION AND REPENTANCE along with FORGIVENESS AND THE REMOVAL OF THE JUDGMENTS. After the patterns are recognized and iniquity confessed, the next step is forgiveness. Forgiveness releases the crimes committed against us to the Court of Heaven and closes Satan’s case against us. His demand for blood and his claimed right to continue to violate the temple property of the Most High God are rendered null and void. The Blood of Jesus more than satisfies the Devil’s demand for our blood and the death of Jesus more than answers the demand sin has made upon our life.

Each person can be lead in this prayer individually, or it can be used as a corporate prayer. Let them repeat each phrase after you.


The following prayer is a model for dealing with the oppression and bondage Satan has inflicted on you through his claimed rights against you. The first part of the prayer re-establishes the legitimate ownership of Jesus Christ over that area, including the place the Enemy is contesting and to which, through occupation, he lays claim. The second part of the prayer identifies and breaks the generational curses. The scripture tells us those iniquities and their continued operation through the generations is broken through confession. Confession releases us from the Enemy’s claims and assault, making his operation in our lives illegal. Invite the person to repeat after you….

Dear Lord Jesus,

I come to you right now, as Your child, Created in the image of God, and brought forth by Your will and truth. I believe You died on the Cross for me and rose again. I believe You are seated at the right hand of the Father, and that you sent Your Holy Spirit to live in me. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I come today as the authorized representative of my generational blood line to do business before the Court of God, to claim my new inheritance as a new creature in Christ. I confess the sins of my generations past – their idolatry and the crafting of graven images, their reliance upon themselves for safety and sustenance, and declare it to be an abomination and an insult against the Holy Character of our Heavenly Father. I confess their use of false comforts and self-indulgence, lust, adultery, infidelity, incest, sexual perversions and the violation of the innocent as an abomination against the true heart of the living God.

I confess the practices of witchcraft, rebellion, control, manipulation, hardness of heart, stubborn resistance to the Holy Spirit, jealousy, insecurity, and relying on the Devil’s power sources, as fear and an abomination against heart of the God to love and protect me. I confess all bitterness and holding of grudges, resentment, unforgiveness, retaliation, backbiting, hatred, hatred of God, violence, rage, murder, bloodshed, the shedding of innocent blood, pride, religious self-righteousness, greed, covetousness and disobedience as lawlessness and rejection of the will of God.

I cancel out any agreements made with the Enemy of God through the practice of sin or belief in his lies. I confess their contempt for the things of God, their deception, and rejection of the truth, doubt double mindedness and unbelief to be sin and abomination against Your Holiness, Lord Jesus. I confess all agreements made with the Enemy under the counsel of the Strongman, the Anti-Christ spirits, or the familiar spirits who have brought these destructive patterns down into our lives, to be sin and iniquity, and an abomination against the Living God.

And even as I confess the iniquities of my ancestors, I repent for my own participation in these things, both knowingly and unknowingly. I ask you to forgive me, Jesus, Son of the Living God and take the Sword of Your Truth and sever the cords of iniquity that have bound me and my descendants. I ask You to break the curses of the words, deeds, actions, dedications, vows, rituals, oaths, prayers, promises, covenants, contracts, symbolic dedications, and every claim made against our lives through blood sacrifices, human or animal. I ask You to remove all demonic programming and the operation of the “body of death” in all parts of my body, soul, and spirit. I ask You to remove all of his assignments over my life. Set me free according to Your Word, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”(John 8: 36) Thank You, Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer.

If there is Masonic or Shriner involvement you may want to give them a copy of the Masonic prayers to pray privately or you may lead them in renouncing them out loud. The first three degrees of Masonry are especially effective in opening the door for physical sicknesses. Diseases like asthma, heart attacks, stomach aches, choking and mental confusion, including inability to concentrate, can all be part of those curses. If Masonry, including participation in the Shriners, or witchcraft or participation in a specific cult has been identified, specific prayers of renunciation are suggested.

It is important for us to know our spiritual authority over the Enemy or he will deceive us with his lies and accusations. It is also important to confess any sins of bitterness or unforgiveness you might have toward both family members and strangers. These acts of obedience take away the Devil’s claimed rights to your life, as well as secure your life and the lives of your descendants.


Like so many of Satan’s snares, Freemasonry is camouflaged in the everyday lives of the unsuspecting as a merely casual and beneficial activity. Freemasonry presents itself to potential initiates and its adepts (followers in the lower ranks) as a business opportunity to meet people and make contacts with potential customers/clients. It appears as a beguine, “good old boy’s club” where men can fraternize, exchange business cards and provide support to the up-and-coming men of the community. It targets strategic public leaders, law enforcement, mayors, politicians, judges, and anyone of influence in an effort to control the atmosphere and spiritual climate of the area, city, state or region.

Freemasonry had its roots in the guilds of Western Europe with its legend of Hiram Abiff coming out of a distortion of the biblical story of Solomon and his building of the temple. The guild may have operated as the first primitive “Unions” of their day. The guilds were composed of the skilled laborers, builders, craftsmen, bricklayers and stone masons. And though there is nothing intrinsically evil about being a block layer, the Enemy took advantage of these men and their craftsmanship, common interests, the pride of their craft and the impressive structures they built as a cover for his own intentions. Not unlike the building of the Tower of Babel, he infested their ranks with his evil plan for world domination as is clearly revealed by the Masons themselves their final declarations in the thirty-third degree that “Lucifer is God and the grand architect of the Universe”.

Many of the early founders of this country carried the concepts and agenda of Freemasonry with them from across the Atlantic. It makes perfect sense that the Enemy wanted to stake his claim to the new land called America. Mixed right in along with the followers of God who fled here for religious freedom, came the Masons, many of whom were part of the fledgling group coming out of the 1700’s known as the Illuminati. Ironically, the oaths and vows, the symbolic dedications and agreements that are used as the initiation and progression rites of Freemasonry are the very things the Enemy uses to strip the initiate “seeking enlightenment”, from the true light of Jesus Christ. They have traded their religious freedom for an innumerable set of physical, mental, financial, relational, and spiritual bondages. These oaths and agreements have bound them through the agreements they have made by practicing the rituals, symbolic dedications, re-enactments. The spiritual and natural consequences of these agreements travel down even to the bloodlines of their successive generations.

As with any of Satan’s activities in our lives, he must be invited in and there must be an agreement made with him before he can establish his control over us. There is nothing casual or beneficial in coming into agreement with the oaths that are made to the Devil by those participating in Freemasonry. Those oaths give the Enemy permission to tear out the participants tongue, curse their teeth, cut their throats, and bring destruction to every bodily organ and every relational function they have. The oaths are like contracts that are pre-agreed on that only come into play if the participant betrays their allegiance to the craft and tells its secrets or tries to get out of the group. Then the promises you made upon entry are called into play.

Many of you do not know if your ancestors were practicing this kind of blasphemy and treachery against the Most High though your medical, financial and relationship experiences would bear record to the truth. The effects of those vows, oaths, secret words, symbolic dedications have given the Enemy ample operating privileges in your life and may be the reason you are experiencing any number of tragic things including health issues, poverty breakdowns in your relationships even now. Take a look at the manual to get a more comprehensive understanding of what it is that might be hurting you.

Download “Masonic Prayers

Download “Christ or The Craft – You Choose!

There are many “feeder” organizations that also lead one into the more “hard-core” oaths and the activities of the Masons. These include:


  • Acacia Fraternity
  • Ancient Order of Foresters
  • Black Lodge
  • Buffalo Lodge
  • Danites
  • Druids
  • Elks
  • Eagles Lodge
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles
  • Foresters
  • Grotto
  • Holy Order of St. John
  • Illuminati
  • Independent Order of Foresters
  • Independent Order of Oddfellows
  • Independent Order of Rechabites
  • Jaycees
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Knights of Pythias
  • Knights of Pythons
  • Knights of the Red Cross
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Lions Club
  • Loyal Order of the Moose
  • Manzini
  • Moose Lodge
  • Mystic order of the Veiled Prophets of
  • the Enchanted Realm.
  • Orange Lodge
  • Order of Amaranth
  • Order of Red Men
  • Order of the Red Robe
  • Order of the Golden Chain
  • Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Order of the Golden Key
  • Order of Oddfellows
  • Ordo Templi Orientis
  • Prince Hall Freemasonry
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Royal Arch Mariners
  • Royal Order of Jesters
  • Shriners
  • The Grange
  • The Round Table
  • Tall Cedars of Lebanon
  • Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted
  • Realm
  • Woodsmen of the World


  • Daughters of Mokanna
  • Daughters of the Nile and White Shrine
  • Order of Amaranth
  • Order of the Eastern StaR
  • Order of Jacob’s Daughters
  • Rebekah Lodge
  • White Shrine of Jerusalem


  • Daughters of Job
  • Rainbow Girls
  • Girl Guides (Girl Scouts in U.S.),
  • Brownies
  • Sparks
  • Daughters of the Eastern Star
  • Ladies Oriental Shrine


  • Order of De Molay
  • Order of the Builders
  • Cubs
  • Boy Scouts
  • The Allied Degrees
  • The Red Cross of Constantine
  • The Order of the Secret Monitor
  • Masonic Royal Order of Scotland
  • Grand Orient Lodges
  • The Royal Order of Jesters
  • The Manchester Unity
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