First of all, are there real demons? There must be because Jesus told us to “cast them out.” (Mt. 10:8) 

What is a demon?

A demon is a disembodied spirit with appetites and a personality. Demons no longer have their own bodies. But they still have evil cravings they seek to satisfy. Those cravings and lust can only be satisfied through their host, a living human being or animal that they can control or manipulate, to do, eat, ingest or do those things their passions lust for. They have hijacked the human being and their bodies to use for their own purposes. Deliverance is getting the demons and their programming out of the soul and body of the human being.

Where did the demons come from? The demons came from the Nephilim who came from the rebellion of the Watchers (Fallen Angels) from an experiment gone bad. After the mutiny in Heaven and the Fallen Angels (also known in the Bible as the sons of God), were cast out by Michael, one of the Arch Angels, and the good angels, some of the Fallen Angels decided among themselves to take human wives for themselves. 

In an effort to “colonize earth”, these “alien beings” made a pact with each other on Mount Hermon, took human wives, taught them charms and enchantments, the cutting of roots (medicinal properties of plants), and how to make weapons, read the constellations, and to control the people.  (The Book of Enoch, VI. 1-8, VII.1-6, VIII. 1-4, XI.6-9)

Do we still have them today? Jesus gave us power to cast them out. His command is still active. We live here and now, in today. Therefore, yes, we still have them living and acting here, in and among us today. We can see manifestations of these “evil spirits” all around us. As a matter of fact, these manifestations are so common that we often do not even recognize them as anything unusual. 

Many of the physical torments we suffer in our body are demonic in origin. Spirits of heaviness, infirmity, uncleanness (lust and sexual perversions), spirits of stupor, mute spirits, deaf and dumb spirits are all specifically named in the Bible and always associated with human pain, torment, mental and emotional confusion and bewilderment. 

To settle the question of knowing what you are dealing with, you must go back to the beginning and settle the question of origin. We must know who we are and where we came from. When we know who we are and who God is we are walking in the truth!! The truth is the only firm footing upon which you can approach a demon. Because they already know the truth, though they practice the lie to deceive us, they could not lie without first knowing what the truth is they are lying to us about! (James 2:19) 

Their knowing the truth also gives them the advantage over any one of us who would resist them who does not know the truth. They will use our ignorance and identity confusion against us as they already know what the truth is. If you do not know who God is and who you are, or your theology is not sound, they will tear you apart!

In approaching a situation where you are going to cast out a demon, your identity is the question you must settle first. Who am I? Where do I come from? What authority do I have to do this? You must know that the truth you know is the truth. 

Settling the question of identity comes from simply knowing where you come from. Settling the question of origin also settles the question of authority. When Jesus was confronted about His authority and His right to do miracles and forgive sins and cast out demons, He referenced back to His place of origin. 

The Jews claimed that because they knew where he came from, i.e. His hometown, (Jn. 7:27), He was disqualified from speaking or doing things with such authority. Jesus answered, “I have not come of Myself, but He who sent Me is true, whom you do not know. But I know Him, for I am from Him, and He sent Me.” (Jn. 7:28-29)

Do you know where you are from? Do you know who made you? If we are made by God in the image of God, and God resides in Heaven, then our place of origination is also Heaven. And because we are made by God, our first and original and true nature is a divine nature. 

This means that all the bad habits and flaws and sinful and deviant behavior is NOT part of the original you. You were created by God to resonate with the truth, to love justice and hate sin, just like Him! 

Let there be no more debate or discussion within your mind or heart, your soul, about these things. Whether you understand them all or not, faith bids us to believe them even before we understand them. 

Example: Child and electrical outlet. Does the child understand electricity? Obedience and not questioning the warning of his parent keeps him safe. Faith in the word of his father keeps him safe even if he never understands the way electricity works or what damage it can do if not treated with respect.


What does the word of god have to say about casting out demons? Do it!!!

“Then the 70 returned with joy saying, “‘Even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’” then Jesus said, “I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Lu. 10:17-19) “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:7-8)

Demons are not our main focus, however, if they are obstructing someone coming into the Kingdom or growing in God, then deliverance is part of the Great Commission. “And these signs will follow those who believe; In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18)

What or who is the stronger man Jesus talks about in Luke 4: 14? They accused Jesus of using Beelzebub’s power to cast out a demon. Jesus explained that if He were using the devil’s own power to cast out a demon, it would be like the devil dividing his own house, or camp, or sabotaging his own mission. Satan is clever, clever enough to send confusion in the camp of his enemy (us), but he would never endanger himself or put his own house in jeopardy of being divided. Satan simple and only real tactic is to divide our house and set us up in opposition to ourselves. (II Tim. 2:24-26) 

How does he set us up to be at odds with ourselves? We become our own worst enemy, self-critical, self-examining, self-loathing, self-improving, not liking ourselves, judging God’s workmanship in us as not “good enough”, etc. The battle is not just in the mind. A popular idea that has been promoted in the body of Christ, that the “battlefield is the mind” is, at best a “half-truth” which makes it a very effective mechanism for deception, like bait on the end of the hook looks to the hungry little fish. 

This type of misleading, almost the truth, ends up being what all half-truths are, a total lie. The deadly element of counterfeit truths are that, though the margin of error seems small and insignificant, like the trajectory on a long range rocket, being off a tiny bit in the beginning lands thousands of miles away from the intended target. Theology and reasoning are very effective in distracting us away from the real issue. What does it matter if I use my mind or my heart to make a decision? What matters is that both of them are deceived. (Rom. 12:1-2 & Jer. 17:9)

Where is the real battle? The real but undetected battle is the insidious and ongoing debate, the battle between my soul and my spirit. This debate and discussion prompted by the Liar himself is designed to cause us to fall on the swords of Doubt, Fear, Confusion, Guilt, and Condemnation. These are five of the chief counselors of hell that use Hell’s operating software in our souls to set us up in opposition to our spirits. Paul calls that software the “body of death”. 

How does this strategy of the Enemy go so undetected and work so effectively? His strategy for conquering and destroying us is to present himself to us as our friend and benefactor. He also comes to us impersonating us to ourselves. The biggest lie that catches us here is that the things I think I am thinking and feeling are me and that it is “up to me” to deal with these carnal thoughts and subdue these wicked feelings. 

This is the work of the strongman. He impersonates me to myself to get me to believe that I am the one doing the things I see myself doing. This is a deliberate Psy Op (trick) to distract me with what is going on inside of me to conceal WHO is doing it. 

One of Satan’s most effective ways the Enemy conceals himself in me is to get me to believe I am the one doing the things I hate and it is up to me to take “responsibility” to make a better choice and stop doing the things I hate. This sets up the vicious cycle of trying to quit what I cannot stop that holds people is bondage to failure and defeat. As long as we think victory and freedom are “up to us” (as the counterfeit gospels teach), our desire for freedom will forever keep us in the bondage of straining to obtain that freedom.

What does the bible have to say about demonic oppression in the believer’s life? Paul speaks very clearly to this point of demonic control in Romans 7:15 – 8:2. At the point of his writing this epistle, he is a believer, saved and crucified with Christ. However, in chapter 7 he is still acknowledging the feelings of torment and control he discovered something “warring” in his soul, activities that were being conducted in his very “members” that he was not wanting to do, (Rom.7:20). 

Romans 7:20 shoots holes in our theologies that we are responsible for doing those things we hate. Our task is to faithfully submit to the HOLY SPIRIT and let Him deal with the evil spirits, also known as familiar spirits (because they are familiar with our generational bloodline) that have invaded our house. These are the demons that understand our systems, our anatomy, our relationships, and the patterns of destruction that they have used in the past, to program and control us. 

Deliverance can come to us in its gradual, steady form as the process of obedience brings forth our sanctification. Sanctification comes from walking in faith and love, NOT will power and penance, religious reforms, or self-monitoring resolutions. Religious obsessions and self-discipline and the intense desire to have a pure mind and a perfect heart are the very motivations Satan uses to wear us out and defeat us!!

How can we be sure it is a demon and not just our “sinful human nature”? Romans 6:12 AMP says, “let not sin therefore rule as king in your mortal (short-lived) perishable) bodies, to make you yield to ITS cravings and be subject to ITS lusts and evil passions.” It appears from this that there is something else beside the one created by God, living inside of us that is pressing us to fulfill its lusts and satisfy its cravings.

How do we know we are dealing with a demon and not just some “character flaw” or “personality trait” or some “bad habit” or “behavior problem”, or mental illness or some medical condition?

The minute you entertain that question you have confused the issue. Now you are divided and not certain. The minute you are not sure, you have lost your confidence and your authority, because you do not know for sure what you are dealing with and the spirit of doubt and double-mindedness has dismantled you at the very onset of your attempt. The devil has “won”.


Will power and determination are NOT the key elements in for a successful deliverance, either our own or for someone else. The keys to deliverance begin with understanding the nature of possession and oppression. It begins with understanding the spiritual legalities that the Enemy uses to make his accusations and present his case against the unsuspecting believer. 

How can Satan keep accusing us when “It (my sin) is all under the blood?”

The Rule of Romans 6:16 determines whose slave we become. Even though, after we are saved, EVERYTHING Satan is doing to bind us is ILLEGAL because it is ALL under the BLOOD, IF we can be deceived into believing it is “our fault” and we “did something wrong” and “broke the law” then we have agreed that we are guilty and deserve to be punished, regardless of what Christ did for us on the Cross. 

Our agreement with guilt permits the Enemy to bring his DEMONIC JUDGMENTS down upon us. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. He is very convincing. We did the crime, we do the time! The world and the church are right with him is getting us, not to confess and repent, but to take the blame, embrace the shame, and take the punishment. 

The Enemy is such a masterful twister of the truth that he can even persuade us that the agreement negotiated on Calvary for our freedom is swept out of sight and the agreement we give him gives him the right to use our authority against us to pronounce us guilty and deserving of punishment. 

Can a person have a demon? Yes, we see the manifestations of demonic activity frequently. Those manifestations can affect in the body, or be coming through the mind or be rooted in the heart. Many physical diseases and conditions are demonic in origin, (Mk. 9:16-29). 

Can a Christian have a demon? Can a Christian have a rat in their house? Does having a rat in our house make us a rat? Christians are afraid that if they have a demon they are evil – that they are a demon. The confusion of how long and how often does the demonic manifestation have to last before they are considered to be possessed. 

Possession is an English word with three different meanings, 1) to own, 2) to occupy, and 3) to control. Those words do not mean the same thing. For example, I can “own” something I do not “occupy”, I can be the landlord. I can “occupy” something I do not “own”. I can be the renter, or I can control something through “occupation” that I do not “own. That is what the demons do. They occupy something they do not own. 

Even momentary control, as in when we sin, we are being taken over, in that moment by something other than ourselves. We see instances of this when Jesus had to rebuke Satan that was speaking through Peter, (Mt.16:23) and when James and John wanted to call fire down on the Samaritans. (Lu. 9:54)

How do demons control us? Through our conscious or subconscious agreements with lies, demonic programming, experiences, familiarity, words spoken over us, generational iniquity, generational agreements, oaths and vows like those made in Free Masonry. Abuse, rejection, societal expectations, mixing of law and grace, injustices and offense are also powerful ways the Enemy controls us.

Where do they come from? Many of them come from our generational bloodline. They use the open doors, the unconfessed sin and secrets of the past generations to claim a right to be acting in us. They find their initial permissions on the codes of our DNA where the iniquities and the open doors of assault from past generations are marked. We understand from Scripture, that it is the Evil One that keeps track of the unconfessed sins and patterns of iniquity committed by those in our generations past. (Ps. 130:3-4)

What can they do? Anything they can get by with. Their goal is always to steal, kill and destroy. Their methods may be drawn out over long periods of time, but they are very intentional in their pursuit of the goal. Part of that goal is to become so hidden in the familiar that the person does not perceive anything to be amiss in their life. The agreements become subconscious agreements made and forgotten many years ago.

That is why for deliverance to be most effective the person being delivered must have some evidence, either of the demon’s presence or of their leaving. Often times when demons leave the person will feel lighter or things will be brighter. Internal demonic activities can manifest as dizziness, stomach pain, headaches, and blocking of the mind as in, the mind goes blank and no thoughts are getting through at that moment.

Do I need deliverance? The Apostle Paul did. He verified it when he asked, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” (Rom.7:24)

How do I know I need deliverance or is my problem just a matter of sanctification and obedience? If there is something operating in us like Paul describes as in there being a war going on inside of me, and me doing things I do not want to do, I very well could need deliverance from a pattern or program being run by the Enemy of my soul.

If I am suffering persecution or bad things are happening to me, do I have a demon? Remember, all those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. The key to relief is to know if it is an outside power coming against me, or if it is already familiar with me and is plotting to take me down or if it has any grounds in me. Jesus said, concerning His agony and crucifixion said, “The ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.” (Jn. 14:30)


What do I actually need to know about deliverance? You need to know that you are dealing with an entity that is in dwelling and controlling certain areas of that person. This entity is NOT the person nor is it part of the original creation of that person. These evil spirits who appear to be the person and are answering for them are operating as “alters” – alternative personalities. Such is the case with those labeled MPD, Multiple Personality Disorders. 

Many deliverance counselors who work in the area of inner healing are confused into thinking alters are part of the person and try to “integrate” these demon “protectors” back into the person’s psyche. We must understand how the demons work to imbed themselves in the human body and soul to get control of the will. 

In the process of psychological reconditioning, the programming process, a command is given while applying pressure to perform the command. If the command is not obeyed, more severe consequences, increased pain, more terrifying means are used to overwhelm the person’s will. In children raised in dangerous homes, the pressure may be in the form of yelling, mocking, ridiculing, or physical or psychological abuse. Whatever the method, the purpose of the process is to rebuild the child, victim, subject to bring them under complete submission to the handler. 

A handler is the one who handles the new “asset”, the human “drone” who has been programmed to do whatever they have been programmed to do. It could be to assassinate someone, to kill the target outright, or it could be to sleep with the targeted person to black mail them. It could be to get them to infiltrate a church, as in being a witch or a Jezebel, to bring division and overthrow the leadership.


Is there more to deliverance than deliverance? YES! The soul of the person must be healed and brought to truth. Satan’s goal is to psychologically recondition us through the experiences of life, to believe his lies about everything. Inner and physical healing are a big part of correcting those lies. 

Get the demon out (deliverance) and healing the child (inner healing) go hand in hand. To understand inner healing, we must understand the inner workings of the human being, body, soul and spirit and how we have been programmed by the god of this world to submit to the lies of the Pit. This helps us to know what to look for when undoing the demonic programming through deliverance. 

In every case, whether through the classic forms of torture, pain and release, or through the even more subtle forms of indoctrination and programming used in the raising and ruination of the child, the goal of programming is to control the subject. The same psychological techniques are used with the only difference being the speed and intensity with which the torture, pressure, rejection, and positive or negative reinforcement are applied.

Sometimes, however, the alterations of the personality are more slightly and socially acceptable as in things like addiction, bitterness, pessimism, narcissism, gossip, selfishness, self-condemnation and violence, etc. These along with a whole host of other things are perceived to simply be “character flaws” or bad habits. 

They are treated as “sin” although Jesus Himself did not teach about getting rid of sin or overcoming it through will power or self-help strategies. (Isn’t that interesting the Jesus did not preach about being good, but about following HIM!) When we follow Him, the responsibility for healing and deliverance come out of our obedience to trust Him and the Holy Spirit with the salvation and sanctification of our lives. 

Winning the human conflict we have with sin would be far more successful if it were treated, as the Apostle Paul says, as the “body of death” – that Hell-built operating software that is controlling the activities of our body and capturing the affections of the soul to destroy it. 

In any cases, where there has been an alteration of the personality and the person has been given over to “doing something they do not want to do”, (Rom. 7:20) the person themselves must be found and “rescued” from the spiritual stronghold they have been locked up in. The gate keepers and prison guards (demons) who have held them hostage in their own life must be removed. 

It is very expedient to probe deeper into any words and expressions the person is giving you because behind them are the lies that the Enemy is using to bind the person. Healing the wounds in the memory are very important in bringing truth and healing to the soul of the person. This is important in keeping the demon from returning. 

Part of inner healing is to get to the place of pain and the lie that has taken root there. How do I get to the pain, the wound, the place where the demon sat? The Lord, the Wonderful Counselor will bring the person to a memory, a theme of memories or a feeling in their body. As the Lord leads us to explore that memory we feel the feeling and find the lie. 

The feelings have been what the Enemy has used to hold us captive in our souls through believing the lie. Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (Jn. 8:32) so, the only question remains after Jesus tells them the truth is, “Does Jesus lie?” No! Of course not! So then what Jesus tells them is the truth and the lies Satan had used to hold them in bondage for years are exposed as lies.

The person whose house (body and soul) has been overrun must be released before the deliverance can be complete. That completion happens when they get reconnected with the Truth through the revelation of the love of God and the Good Shepherd. (You will know when you have gotten to the real person because there is usually an emotional manifestation of joy or relief)


What do I need to know to cast out a demon?  We need to know The Word, as it is interpreted by the Holy Spirit and the gospel of grace, not the rote, religious renditions that mix works with grace. Romans 11:1-10 tells us that the mixing grace with works brings a stupor upon us and blindness. Our table becomes a snare and we get anxious and depressed. 

You need to have your own fort gates closed before you go to war and take on the battle to deliver others. Although being perfect is not a requirement for doing deliverance, obedience to the Word of God is required. Even though the apostles were not perfect, the demons were still subject to them. It is the authority of Jesus Christ that is the intimidating factor. Having your fort gates closed protects us from the cunning accusations of the Enemy against us in citing our unworthiness to do any work on behalf of the Kingdom of God, including deliverance.

Is deliverance a “power” encounter or some sort of “cosmic” wrestling match? Neither. It is a declaration of the truth that allows Jesus Christ the opportunity to administer the truth and freedom to the person and dispel the lie. It is the word of truth as declared through our mouth, empowered by the Holy Spirit that forces the hand of the Kingdom of Darkness. The Enemy cannot stand in the presence of the Truth when they know that you know who you are and who the Father is because their lies are defenseless against the fearless declaration of God’s truth.

Do I need special protection to cast out a demon? The love of God is your protection. Fear and self-righteousness and religion bring a snare. The Word of God is your mandate and your weapon. Through the Word you and I have been given, authority, by God, to command and to cast out demons. The Word of God is as sword that separates even to the dividing of bone and marrow, thought and intention, soul and spirit. (Heb. 4:12)

Do I need to name the demon(s)? Yes. Why? Because Jesus did and so must we. (Mk. 5:8-9) We need to be specific as they are very slippery and like to avoid identification or any admission to wrong doing. The criminal must be named in any court of law. When we are doing deliverance, we are in essence, taking the devil to the Court of heaven for the crimes he has committed against us or the afflicted one. 

How do I name the demons? The Bible records two ways to name demons. One is by what they do, as in the naming of the Deaf and Dumb spirit, the mute spirit, the unclean spirits. (Mk.9:14-29) and (Lu. 13:11) Fear and unclean spirits, confusion, deaf and dumb, guilt, shame and condemnation are common names. The other way to name the spirits is by what they hold on to. These are the Territorial Spirits who rule regions and kingdoms. They take their identification and name themselves using the name of the territory they rule over. The Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece are two good examples given to us in the book of Daniel, chapter 10 verses 10-21of territorial spirits.

We can cut through a lot of demonic red tape by first binding the General, the head honcho, the strongman Jesus talked about in (Mt. 12:22-30), (Lu. 11: 15-26) and (Mk. 5:1-17) in their hierarchy of spiritual control. They are very legalistic and follow a strict, highly organized chain of command describing their specific powers and duties. (Eph. 6:12)  Although it is not essential to understand the complete dynamics of their workings, it is helpful to understand their general objectives and internal strategy to divide and conquer us from within.

Do I need to bind the strongman? If you want the deliverance to be less messy and complicated, go for it. How do I do that? By forbidding the Strong man to use “any part of the name that belongs to and is given to identify” the one being delivered. Ask for the name given to them and recorded on the birth certificate. Use shortened versions or nicknames if appropriate. If the person has been renamed as in adoption, forbid the Enemy using either of the names.

What do I have the authority to do? Do what needs to be done.  Can you talk to the demons? Jesus did. But did he hold a conversation with them. Nothing lengthy. He asked one what was his name? “Legion”, the demon answered. Do not become arrogant or presumptuous of disrespectful in dealing with the Enemy lest he find a way to find fault with you and your attitude ends up working against you and plays into the devil’s hand. Do not argue in front of the demons when working with others in the deliverance! The Enemy purposely tries to set up discord between people to divide and conquer the situation to shut down the deliverance.

Bind demons, name them, command them to leave, render them powerless, cast them out, tell them whatever The Holy Spirit is giving you to say at that moment. Tell them to take down their strongholds, pack their bags, take their lies, delete their “body of death” operating software and leave the temple dwelling place of the Most High God Who rightfully abides there. The demons are trespassing in the place that belongs to the one who has been taken hostage. They need to know that you know that!

Praying in tongues is also helpful and powerful, as is thanking God and Praising Him during the deliverance. Reading appropriate scripture is also very effective. Verses like, “For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, that He might destroy the works of the devil”. (I Jn.3:8) The devil hates that verse.

What if they manifest? We want them to manifest, but we do not let things get out of hand. When they manifest, they have just blown their cover. Now everyone knows that what is going on is more than one person having a bad day. When Jesus confronted the unclean spirit in the man in the synagogue, the demon answered in the plural. “What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth?” (Mk. 1:23-25) In Matthew 8:29 we also learn that they had previous knowledge of who He was and even knew that they had been allotted a certain amount of time before they would be locked up in torment.

How do I know they are manifesting? The most obvious manifestations you will know without having to be told. The Holy Spirit is bearing witness with our spirit as to what is going on. Some of the more subtle ways demons express themselves, include using the words of the person they are binding to say things words that sound like the person, words the person themselves does not even detect as counterfeit thoughts or feeling the Impersonator is expressed through their own mouths.

Emotional manifestations can also be demonic. Excessive weeping, headaches, nausea, spinning or dizziness, can all be emotions under the control of certain entities. 

Thoughts and expressions like, “I am so afraid”, “I don’t know” “I hate myself”, and “I am bad, unworthy and ashamed”, etc. are also ways you can name the demon. Again, name them by what they are doing or saying or holding on to.

Why is it good for them to manifest? It convinces the person needing deliverance that they need deliverance – that the thing acting out in them is NOT them! Once they are convinced it is NOT them, but the activity of something other than themselves, they will be more cooperative and deliverance will be faster. 

If the person does not understand what is going on and is able to agree with their deliverance, we can only BIND the demons. Casting them out and emptying the house without putting something back in its place is asking for trouble with the possibility of seven more demons more fierce and intelligent than the first ones to come in and help get back the territory that the first squatters had left.  (Lu.11:24-26)

How can I tell if they are lying to me? Command them to tell the truth in the name of Jesus Christ – to tell the same truth they must tell on Judgment Day. Ask yourself, “Are any of the things being said, something the Holy Spirit would say?” You can use their own words and confessions to name the demon you are dealing with. For example, you spirit of “I’m afraid”, or “I don’t know”, I bind you and command you to take all your company, agents and assistants and go back to the Pit. 

The best way to discern a religious spirit and their tricks even in quoting scripture is to keep asking yourself, “Would the Holy Spirit say what is coming out of their mouth, or is this a subtle, religious counterfeit?” “What does this statement reduce down to?” Always reduce down the words being spoken in your mind, to their lowest common denominator. What is the fruit of that statement? Does it reduce down to condemnation, shame and fear or to peace, rest and grace? Jesus said “By their fruits you will know them?” (Mt. 7:15-16)

Some people frightened about doing deliverance. Do not be afraid. That is one of the Enemy’s first tactics. If they think they can freak you out it is “Game Over!” Avoid superficial information and do not get caught up in the demons side show or what he is doing to frighten or distract you. You are here to do business. Also, they like to put on a ‘show” at the expense of their victim and humiliate them in your presence. Do not put up with it! If they are making the person want to thrash around or slither or throw up, forbid the demon that is acting out and command him to stop and get out in Jesus’ name. Forbid them from harming others or hurting or humiliating the person getting delivered. It is your job to see that this deliverance does not get out of hand for the sake of “grandstanding” or sensationalism.

Casting out a demon is not a scripted or rote or religious matter. Ask the Sons of Sceva, (Acts 19:14) The demons know who you are, if you are a genuine follower of Jesus Christ using your authority as given to you by Jesus Christ and are doing the deliverance in His name. They know your authority better than you do and they know if you are confident of that authority. They will still try to deceive you though, into falling for their “false jesus impersonations” and their divisive tactics to separate or set up a squabble between those who are working with you.  

What if they want to grab you, throw up, etc.? Do not freak or show fear. Simply forbid them in the Name of Jesus Christ, to stop what they are doing. It is best to work in teams when doing deliverance although that is not always possible. In any case, call for some assistance from the good angels, the ones sent to minister to the heirs of righteousness if you think you need back up. Rejoice! God has got it and you are fine. 

What do I do if I see the person being choked or hurt? Do not panic, stay calm and command the demon to stop it. I command them to become “small, smooth and slippery” and leave without harming the person, and to do it immediately. Do not panic at the Enemy’s show of strength. He is bluffing to see if he can shake you up to lose your confidence in the Lord.

Can I address the person while I am delivering them? Yes. It is good to continue to talk to them and comfort them as needed. If the person is in a catatonic or mute state where they are not speaking, or going to sleep or being “shut down”, you may need to address the person and demand the demon to let them go especially when the demons are keeping them from responding. Use their name. “I want to talk to Joey, etc.” Joey, can you hear me? 

What if the Enemy refuses to go? You can ask the Enemy what is the right he is claiming to get to stay in the person. It is usually unforgiveness or unconfessed agreements with the lie or guilt for sin. Lead the person in a prayer to confess the sins of their generations, bitterness and resentment and unforgiveness. Lead them in a prayer to forgive their ancestors for making the agreements with darkness and themselves for believing the lie. This usually breaks the Enemy’s claims. Also have the person cancel out any agreements he or his generations have made with lie, and the agreements and patterns of destruction their ancestors made with the lies.

Can we tell them to go? Yes. So where do we send them? To the Pit or the judgment Pit, or the feet of Jesus, or the foot of the Cross. Tell them they cannot come back. Or send them straight to the Court of Heaven to “explain” to God what they have been doing to the person being delivered. Don’t make a big religious stumbling block out of where to send them. Cast them out! Send them where the Holy Spirit is leading you to send them. 

How will I know if the demon is leaving? Coughing, sneezing, yawning, facial contortions, vomiting, physical contortions, or anything that is not normal for the body to do. Most of the time if the deliverance is orderly and well controlled the physical struggling will be minimal or not even happen. Sometimes nothing special occurs, but the report of the individual who confirms that “something left”.  

How will I know if or when the person is really delivered? Sighs of relief, smiles, the return of light, joy and life.

Can the demon return? YES, if the person is not filled in that place with the revelation of Jesus Christ and His truth and love. Pray for the person to be filled with a deep and holy revelation of the love of God and a strong hunger for the Word, to read it daily and to seek to be filled with the awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in them.

Jesus said He came to heal the broken hearted. (Lu. 4:18-19) Ask Jesus to knit the person back into the fullness of the perfect plan He has for them and heal their broken heart. Then ask Him to close the doors the Enemy used and seal them shut with His blood. 

This sounds like a lot of stuff to remember. You are not the one needing to remember, you are being led by the Holy Spirit and the revelation of Jesus Christ is what sets them free. He will lead you into all truth and cause you to know what to do as you walk in the Spirit. Perfect love casts out fear!!

What if I haven’t been fasting and praying? What about the deaf and dumb spirit? Live a fasted life and do not make it all about religion. It is God who delivers. We are just His servants and so what He tells you to do and rejoice because He Has Got This!!

Are there a lot of people who need deliverance? I would say, “Yes”, every one of us. Some deliverances are the quiet accomplishment of revelation and repentance, that comes through confession and obedient yielding to the Holy Spirit. Some are of the “knock down drag out“ type.

Should I be afraid to pray for deliverance for people? Not if you know Jesus Christ and know the power of His Word.

Use the Set Up Prayers found in the back of every Life Recovery book and Manual and Pray for divine protection and discernment before you begin, if possible. 

God bless you and may you enjoy the Lord as you fight the good fight of faith for the deliverance and rescue of the many who have been caught in Satan’s snare. Amen!

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