One of Satan’s Favorite End Days Strategies for World Takeover

Here we are again! Another Halloween when the lawns and landscape of America are strewn with skulls and tombstones and we dress up like ghosts and send our children out to threaten quiet neighborhoods with demonic re-enactments of ancient Druid customs of threatening to put curses on any who would refuse their demands for treats. But for all the additions horror has made to Halloween, the most classic icon of this demonic festival is still the witch.

Witches riding brooms, conducting their secret rituals in dark, bat infested corners filled with spider webs and black cats still captivate the imaginations and adore the tables of the Halloween party festivities. Nothing here against black cats, people. It’s all in fun, right? And what could be so wrong with a little fun?


Wouldn’t you know it! The old Hag, Jezebel, has a daughter and she is a harlot! Jezebel was the most infamous witch/harlot in the Old Testament, (I Ki. 16:31-33; 18:4-32; 21:1-15; II Ki. 9:7-37).

But, if there is one good thing to be said about “classical” witchcraft it would be that it is easily discerned. Even those not steeped in the dark arts know it is dark. Christian witchcraft, on the other hand, is Satan’s latest makeover of this ancient spirit of rebellion to go after the prophets and take out God appointed leadership. In his newer, church-friendly version, the old hag’s traditional manipulation through secret potions and spells with her hideous outbursts of high pitched, mischievous laughter, has been replaced by a charming, more sexually appealing figure dressed up to look good.

Bred in the older traditions of rebellion and idolatry but fed on the richer foods of entitlement and acceptance, the new face of witchcraft looks very much like the biblical seductress described in the Old Testament Proverbs as flirtation and self-righteousness. Having forgotten the covenant of her God, (Pr. 2:16-19), this adulteress sits at the door of her house luring in the unsuspecting, only to finish off her night by wiping her mouth declaring, “I’ve done nothing wrong” (Pr. 30:20). Never sorry, never confessing, all the while knowing full well that the unsuspecting souls who have wandered into her house have taken a path that “leads down to death”.

The spirit of harlotry together with the spirit of witchcraft have worked their way into the very cloth of our Christian organizations, churches and marriages in a joint effort to rot the fabric of our homes and families. The critical foundational blocks upon which society sits have been laced with the sticks and stones of idolatry, the crafting of graven images, and worship of the demons that animate them. Witchcraft and Harlotry have set the stage for the spirit of Jezebel’s final End Day’s performance.


The spirit of Jezebel continues to set up her prey, most often men, like the spider spins it’s web. Inconspicuous and inconsequential to the casual observer, she works, weaves, waits. Ready to strangle her victim in a snare of treachery and false accusation until there is no fight left in the man and few men left in the fight, Jezebel twists them round and round in a deliberate and purposeful casing of false accusation, drama, confusion and offense until they are spiritually drained and left for dead. These victims, most often found in positions of leadership, are tranquilized, stunned and desensitized with a deadly arrow dipped in the poison of lust or insecurity that targets their ego and dulls their senses to shuts down their spiritual discernment.

Most of those targeted by the Enemy have already have been softened up by the generational agreements their ancestors have made with iniquity which makes the crafting of the spiritual entanglements even easier and the intended blackmail tactics much more effective. Drawn in by these new Jezebel beauties men are lured in by their ingratiating charm, their helpless need of rescue and their undying devotion. Convinced by her well-chosen words and her willingness to help, these men are seduced by her flattery and struck down by her flirtation. They hunger for her words of comfort and her pretended attentiveness, which feeds well into men’s innate need to be approved of and admired.

Because many of us have not yet died to ourselves, our egos have made us an easy prey to Jezebel’s jealousy and her contempt for any authority other than her own. Many of these are men who melt like simpletons in the presence of this siren that seduced the sailors of old. They are no match for the wiles of this witch who has come into their life disguised as their new found friend and confidant. And woe be to the woman or wife that would sound a warning against this well-dressed foe. That woman will become the target of Jezebel’s most venomous attack, including character assassination. Her skillful weaving of misperceptions and words can create implications of insanity that make even the most loyal and devoted wife into what her husband will perceive to be his greatest enemy.

In the church or in a Christian’s marriage, Jezebel can come in looking either helpless, or helpful. These spirits often present themselves as either the poor soul the pastor feels a need to counsel or rescue, or the dedicated prayer warrior. These enthusiastic new volunteer come bouncing into the room with tons of energy and a charisma that cannot be ignored. Their crafty intentions to steal the marriage or the minister’s soul are well concealed under the guise of religious fervor and impeccable character. They are the great new team player, the faithful armor bearer, the go-to girl to get things done. And because they have no demonic resistance, the enemy’s agenda, as carried out through their capable hands, moves effortlessly through the twists and turns of church life or the corporate jungle. The speed and success with which they are able to get things done gets them readily invited to become part of the inner circle. Placed in the prominent positions, on the prayer team, or as the personal assistant to the administrator, they are now moving into a position to take out the man in authority.


The assignment of witchcraft is always the same, no matter the venue. It targets the leader. Its objective is to take out the God-ordained authority and the person to which it has been assigned, whether it is a husband and father, a senior pastor, or a corporate executive. Rebellion always challenges those in authority by slandering their character and undermining their right and God given responsibility to lead and protect those under them. Jezebel sets up situations designed to discredit the leader’s intentions, motivations and integrity through false accusations, confusion and misinterpretation. It creates drama and confusion that seeks to misrepresent the motivations of the targeted one until the ones being targeted, can be taken out of the way.

Here is Jezebel’s simple strategy to take out the leader, destroy the family, marriage, corporation or church:
  • Step 1 – Get invited into the group or marry into the family.
  • Step 2 – Convince others you are good and well intentioned, win the confidence of all, disarm with charm and flattery.
  • Step 3 – Begin creating suspicions and make a false accusation against the targeted one.
  • Step 4 – Taunt them into defending themselves or fight back, call them a hypocrite, charge them lying, if more than one person is involved create drama and dissention, go for the creation of sides, stir up offenses in the ranks, if it is a family, get the children caught in the middle or to take sides.
  • Step 5 – Purposefully “stir the Pot” and deliberately twist the victim’s response into a misunderstanding, to set up a perceived offense.
  • Step 6 – Make the targeted one responsible to respond to the offense, demanding an explanation or an apology while always taking the utmost care to maintain your own innocence and self-righteous position of having done “nothing wrong”.
  • Step 7 – Refuse to be reconciled of admit wrong doing. Your goal is to “out last” your opponent.
  • Step 8 – Deny any attempt on the part of the targeted one to make peace or reconcile. If they try to suggest the idea of this being about spiritual warfare, remind them that this is their doing and they will have to take responsibility to make it right. Throw a holy fit if they try to blame the devil. Always be careful to maintain that this is about them and not you or the devil.
  • Step 9 – Continue to list new offenses and demand an apology, none of which will ever meet with your satisfaction in meeting the criteria for reconciliation.
  • Step 10 – Bury the victim with lies and accusations and wipe your mouth. Declare often, to yourself and others, that you are a good person and have done nothing wrong.
If you have been targeted by witchcraft here is what you do:

If you are a targeted one the only One who can defeat Jezebel is the Lord God Himself therefore it is imperative that you FORGIVE and release that person from your judgment and turn the crimes that they have been committed against you over to the High Court of Heaven and ask the Judge of all the Earth to rule on your case.

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you right now to present my case in the crimes that have been committed against me and my life, marriage, reputation, business, children, position credibility, family, health, etc. _________. I choose to forgive and release ___________ (fill in the person’s name or corporation, church or group, etc. that has wronged you) from my judgment for the crimes ___________ (be specific) they have committed against me, and turn those crimes over to You, Lord God, and the High Court of Heaven. I present my case and petition to You as the Righteous Judge of all the Earth and I ask You to restore to me everything that has been stolen from me including my time, reputation, health, family, finances, hope, joy, justice, mercy and peace, and that the revelation of Jesus Christ , His salvation and deliverance will be granted to the those who have hurt me. I ask You to remove the lies and the works of darkness, including witchcraft, Jezebel, jealousy, deception, perversion, control destruction, and slander against me, and that the enemy will be judged for his wick schemes perpetrated against me. I ask You, Lord God to remove these demonic judgments and curses from my life and the lives of my descendants.

Second, you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you with His wisdom. We must reckon ourselves dead unto sin and self and alive unto God. This makes it easier to not get offended or “take up an offense” when one is given. This makes it more difficult for the enemy to continue to find “grounds” to perpetuate his case against you in the Court of Heaven. Remember the admonition of Jesus when He said, “He who seeks to save his life or defend it will lose it, but he who seeks to lose his life for the sake of Christ will keep it.”

Rest in knowing that this battle belongs to the Lord Who is our Defender and Deliverer. Peace. Amen.

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