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Spiritual Warfare In Relationships

spiritual warfare in relationships

Spiritual Warfare Is Part Of Every Relationship We Have Here we are in the Month of Love, with Valentine’s Day almost upon us. But do most of us realize the deeper spiritual implications of love? Especially when love in human relationships is priceless and the thing the Enemy hates the most? Though we do not […]

“It Was His Choice”

Robin Williams just committed suicide and Facebook comes alive with all sorts of comments. It was his CHOICE comes screaming up on the page hi-lighting the confusion many believers face in knowing how to reconcile the use of their free will and the choices they make. This issue must be addressed. Placing blame and making […]

The Evolution Of The Gospel

I realize you may be as skeptical as you are sick to death of the gimmicks, the  self helps and quick-fix promises made by churches and individuals claiming to represent Jesus Christ. You are as “turned-off” by the pony-ride, inflatable gospel as He is!! So, what are we going to DO about it?   The first order of […]

Well Done

I will not rehearse the stories of misery and gore that so many of us have become hardened to by watching too much of the 5 and 6 and 9 and 10 o’clock news; and the 7 – 8 o’clock prime-time filth, that now we can eat right through massacres and bombings and parents killing […]

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