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Are you down, depressed, stuck in a gray day or a rainy day week, or a month of blue-less skies and wish the sun would come out so you could catch up on your draining Vitamin D levels? Is your world filled with the drudgery of the mundane and the disappointment of your dreams crashing […]

Eat What I Give You

Last week I started a blog on “Cravings”.  Those cravings can include food and drink, or any behaviors that seem to control our choices and enslave our lives. Being bound and controlled by the appetites of the flesh, or hindered in our service to God because of an addiction has become the consuming distraction in […]

Eating By The Rules

I will be starting a new series out of my new “Cravings” manual. The key to sobriety, weight-loss, and a myriad of other plaguing human problems is deliverance. “Cravings” will give you the spiritual insight you need to get past the “want to” and “will power” and into the true keys to freedom.  -Marjorie Cole […]

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