How Is It That This Brainwashing Thing Works So Well?

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We do not just come here by accident, a meaningless blob of protoplasm that appears without reason and disappears forever, after we “die”. The good and bad news is that we never “die”. We never cease to “be”. Jesus said, “he who seeks to save his life will loose it and he who looses his life for my sake will find it unto eternal life, (John 12:25).

Of course, you can respond “I do not believe in God or Jesus, or heaven or hell or the devil, therefore, I do not have to worry about any of that ‘Heaven or Hell stuff’.” How foolish. You are like the man who builds his ocean front home at sea level on a sunny day and doesn’t believe in Tsunamis!!

Of course the disease of doubt and skepticism has progressed in some to the place that they are not fully convinced that Jesus exists and that the story of His coming here is nothing more than a Christian myth. They have already been indoctrinated by the Devil’s clever explanation of how the world, the planets and stars, and ecosystems and animals and human bodies, including eyes and sight, and thought and language came into existence. Random chance and billions of years of mutations! That’s it!! Believe it or be declared “intolerant” and politically incorrect.

Never mind the fact that this, “believe what you want” evolutionary explanation does not carry with it an ounce of common sense or solid scientific explanation for the evidence of order and design that we observe in the creation that surrounds us. How could all these things be nothing more than the results of a great explosion and random chance and accident?

What are the chances that random chance or a great explosion built the Pyramids of old or the Roman coliseums? What are the chances that one dice would roll a “6”, 300,000 times in a row to set up the codes to form distinct organs and oversee their functions in our bodies? And since when did any explosion ever create order or design structures as its final expression of anything?

And if random chance is as reliable of an explanation as any for the development of modern man, why not use it as a theory in pursuit of personal, everyday goals, like “acing” a math final or finding our way to a place we have never been by relying on the roll of the dice to get us to take the right roads and make the appropriate turns?

Was it an accident that set in motion the universes and orbits and necessary climate conditions for the sustaining the accidental life that came to be on earth, or are we just deceived into thinking we can believe what ever we want?

And if the explanation for our existence down here is nothing more than an unexplainable series of non-related and totally accidental events, why is it that many of us take so much time to put on make-up or go to the gym, or get an education, or go to work like robots to live our lives to pay bills? What does it matter if we are happy, have enough food, or do well? Why bother, if one myth about how we got here is as good as any other?

What is harder to believe? The first premise of Evolution, that every thing came from nothing? Or the first statement of the Bible that says “In the beginning, God created…”? Now really, which is harder to believe and stands without scientific foundation, evolution as the first cause or God as the designer Creator?

And what is the advantage of there being absolutely NO Creator, if not that it releases us from any obligation to consider Him or His will for us. Is it our desire to be with Him and keep His commandments that compels so many of us to resist the idea of there being a Creator, or is it the fear of being controlled by Him? The god of this world has exploited our freedom by redefining “freedom” for the enslaved masses to be; the illusion of being free to do whatever you want without consideration of law or God, or conscience and to serve your own pleasure as you desire for as long as you can get by with it.

The Devil’s clever marketing schemes have counterfeited the lie of “I can think whatever I want” and “I can define truth according to whatever I decide” to make the lie look like the truth. The erosion and compromise of truth have left most of us wearing fools gold. All the razzle dazzle, got-to-have-it, everybody-else-is-doing-it pressures of the world are seducing us into trading our power and dignity for the temporary comfort of the lie.

The Enemy of our souls has deceived the inhabitants of earth by making the truth hard to find and the lies hard to discern, especially to the young, those new participants in the hunger games of Hell. They swallow the lie because of its packaging. They disregard the corrupted story line or the deranged plot of mating vampires with humans because they are infatuated with the “love story” or pulled in by the action, or the enthralled by the acting or thrilled by the cinematography.

The Devil uses everything at his disposal, which is basically everything not dedicated to God and His divine purposes, to promote the lies, though none of us have truly seen the depth of his personal hatred for us or the horrors of the hell he wants to throw us into.

If this is just the disease of the younger ones because they did not have the benefit of seeing the Ten Commandments posted on their school’s walls, or hear prayer in their class rooms, or see the basic truths of the Bible modeled for them, then what is the excuse for the rest of us, the adults who have created this messy world they are now forced to live in? It may be understandable that they wonder how they got here.

It may be that if no one knows, than no one will care what they do while they are here, or how they will leave or where they will go when they do leave. But, just because it does not seem to be that big of a deal to some of us, who lives and who dies and where they go, does not mean God is indifferent to what is happening.

And if they were never taught, and their questions remain unanswered while we fill their heads with the daily fluff of fantasy and MTV, and video game violence and horror and internet porn, who can blame them? But, if that then be true, what will we have to say for ourselves when it is time to give an account to God? Are we stumbling because we are bitter and discouraged ourselves, because our faith in God did not turn out the way we thought it would?

We are disappointed with life. Instead of praise we got criticism. Instead of being blessed, we were lied to and stolen from and disregarded and did not get what we had hoped for. Are we weary of the injustices? Have we believed the lies that have given wickedness the power to turn us bitter against God and unresponsive toward each other? Or have we given ourselves an excuse to find fault in Him? Are we permitting the bad things that are happening to us on a daily basis to turn us away from the only One Who loves us enough to make it right?

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