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"What Is Life?" (DVD)

“WHAT IS LIFE?” A Case for the Dignity of Man -  is a 55 minute Edu-drama, (Educational Drama), that examines the origin, activity and end of man from ...

"Who Is The Devil?" (DVD)

"WHO IS THE DEVIL?"" is designed to inform every believer of the wiles of the Devil, and instruct us in the hope and strategy for victory as we await that fi...

Minneapolis Underground Summit DVD's (9 DVD's & 1 MP3 audio CD)

Minneapolis Underground Summit - The completed work includes 9 video presentations, each over an hour and a half in length, and ten audio sessions, suitable for listening to i...

Recovering Your Life (3-DVD set)

RECOVERING YOUR LIFE (DVD) is a 3-part series that outlines the foundations of spiritual freedom and Satan's strategy for the take over your life.

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