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SKU: 17112
WHY CAN'T I CONCENTRATE? - Do you have a difficult time concentrating or a hard time reading the Bible? Are you easily distracted and can’t remember things? The war for your soul is first fought in your mind and heart.
SKU: 17072
"WHO AM I?" - builds a foundation for understanding the battle that goes on in the mind and heart and lays out the ABC's of spiritual warfare to insure victorious living for the believer.
SKU: 17098
ANSWERS TO PRAYER - Learn the power of coming to God with an attitude of thanksgiving and expectation. If you feel stuck and discouraged, "Answers To Prayer" is a "must hear".

SKU: 17099

BREAKING THE CYCLE - Breaking the patterns of iniquity that have come down our generational bloodlines is critical to spiritual freedom and blessing.

SKU: 17100
CRAVINGS - Why Do I Do What I Don't Want To Do? address our need for freedom from God’s point of view and yields real solutions to our entrapment.
SKU: 17102
DEFEATING DEPRESSION - Depression is not mental illness. Learn about the spiritual roots of depression and God's message of truth and hope.